White Mistress

Racial Queens Views on White Santa

I’m going to pass on a bit of info for all you niggers who are saying a white Santa is White Supremacy, and one idiot wants to know why Santa Claus is always white. Now listen closely since I know most of you coons are slow. The reason that dear old Saint Nick is white is simple. A) he’s part of the one true race “Aryan”, and B) people figure they have a better chance with a white dude coming into there home while they sleep and not getting every damn gift and then some stolen. And why does Saint Nick have such a jolly laugh? Because he’s laughing at the fact that even the yardapes would rather have a white Santa come in while everyone is sleeping then a nasty ass coon!

Now to all a good night and may you sleep peacefully knowing you haven’t been robbed…

Aryan Queen


Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

As you all should know by now this Aryan Goddess has no patience for useless Jew slaves. For some reason you ugly ass kikes seem to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame. Now of course I understand how much you adore me and long to serve me, but for heavens sake would it kill you to at least try and use that tiny brain you were graced with? Case in point; I have a new slave named jewslave that can’t even figure out how to get a link to an MP3 to work. Just another stupid Jew looking to serve the Queen but yet doesn’t know how to follow orders. So since he’s proven how dumb he is I thought I would put up a couple of his pictures of shame for one and all to see. I must admit his pictures with a feather up his ass and cumslut written on his butt does amuse me and gives me so many wicked ideas of things to do to this worthless Jew dog.

photo 2 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

photo 1 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

Racial Humiliation and Martin Luther Nigger Day

So people are suppose to stop and say thank you to a nigger that stirred the shit, caused thousands to die, all in the name of giving all you porch monkeys rights? Thanks to giving niggas rights people live in fear in there own homes cause for some reason all of you coons think whites owe you something. To that I say; whites owe you nothing. Most of you are dead beats living on the government; killing and stealing so do tell just what do we the whites owe you? I say bring back the chain gangs that will make all you jiggaboos think twice about breaking the law, get paid under the table so you can keep getting welfare, oh yes I doubt any of you could bear to be torn away from you’re A/C and T.V to have to do any kind of hard work. Slavery is the best bet for all of you dirty niggers, and I for one enjoy watching you work hard just to please me and end up with nothing but living life in servitude.

JPG MLK I have a Dream 2 750x747 300x298 Racial Humiliation and Martin Luther Nigger Day

Racial Humiliation No Pity for Old Nigger Mother

Come on by now all of you should know when it comes to Racial Humiliation and you pitiful coons I have no pity. So what I’m about to write should come as no great shock. I was reading a news report about some old sad Sheboon crying woe is me about having to pay back a loan she cosigned. She seems to think that because her son died that she shouldn’t have to pay the loan back. And also states that she has to help care for his 2 year old son since the mom doesn’t have many resources. To this I say; GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! What, now the laws are suppose to change and porch niggers are now suppose to not have to pay back loans they cosign for just because the one they cosigned for died? Bitch you cosigned for your sons student loan and no where in the fine print does it say; hey if he dies we will just forget about this loan out of the kindness of our hearts. As for him leaving behind a 2 year old son I do believe we all know what resources the mom has; WELFARE. So get up off your 61 year old Aunt Jemima ass, go back to work, stop bitching about not having enough money, and pay back the loan. lol On the up side, at least if you have any other kids your credit will now be shot to shit so you won’t be able to cosign.

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