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Racial Humiliation and Nigger knows he’s a YardApe

I thought I would share a video of a Nigger acting like the true yardape he is. I found it very amusing to say the least, but then again I always enjoy it when one of you coons makes a fool of yourself. Really I think all of you should stop fighting that inner ape and just give in and go with it. After all you’re almost there as it is. Rap music “once again showing your inner ape”, wearing your pants down below your coon ass, gathering in the streets in groups, fighting most everywhere you go, the list goes on and on. You are the lowest of the low, can’t get along with your own kind so why do you think we the pure Aryan race should bother even noticing you much less getting along with you?

You know I have a wonderful idea. Why don’t all of you jigaboos make a short video of dancing around and making ape sounds just like that big fat baboon in the clip from youtube I put up. I bet none of you nigga’s have the guts to make a video of who you really are; a big old ugly APE. Want to really get my attention? Then either hold up a sign or say “I’m the Queen Of Phone Means Ugly YardApe”. I dare you to do it…

Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

This post is just for slave Francis a lesson in humiliation for not being able to follow orders. You see he longs to be in the Queens army, yet he can’t follow simple instructions. For this he now not only has to purchase the original Kidnap Fantasy button, but also a Tribute button for dragging his ass and not doing as he was told. Poor sad Francis you are finding out the hard way that serving in My army isn’t easy and punishment for disobeying are harsh. I would say you are getting very close to feeling the sting of my whip.

Kidnap Fantasy

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White trash sluts love Big Nigger Dicks

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this Aryan Goddess is an expert at putting all of you worthless coons in your place, and I must say I damn well enjoy every second of treating you like crap. You also should know by now that I also always say what’s on my mind and touch on many different topics. And on that note I will now talk about white sluts. For those of us of the pure race having to endure useless black dick loving whores really puts us in a bad mood. Any pure white woman with class would never lower her self respect by fucking a yardape. Yet these white trash sluts think nothing of chasing after some big ass throbbing black cock. I would imagine that they have fucked so many big dicks that their pussy holes are let’s just say; a lose ride. Now since I know how my you jigaboos love to think about fucking a white woman I thought I would give you a special treat. Below this post you will see a video to click. In this vid is a white whore taking on two huge black dicks. If any of you would like to see this hardcore sex movie then I would suggest you get that credit card out and pay the fee. As all of you should know by now; all good things come at a price so pay up and have some wanking fun or just sit there wondering about the blonde slut sucking and fucking to monster nigger cocks.

White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Well now it looks like slave James learned that when it comes to Blackmail this Mistress doesn’t mess around. He tried giving me some sad story about not having the money to please me, but we soon had that problem fixed and cash in my niteflirt account. Poor nigger James ended up paying $1,202.87 for not coughing up the money. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the blackmail/rip off game, then you had best be prepared to pay out the ass.

nfpayment White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

I do declare; you nigger slaves sure are some dumb bastards. And this Aryan Goddess enjoys how weak minded you coons are and how you jump to obey and please. Take for example sad jigaboo Dana. He knows he can’t live out my lovely charms, my evil laugh and cruel remarks. Perhaps I should just order him to have ATM tattooed on his dirty old far head. Oh well at least he does serve a purpose and that is spiting out money on command. After all I am from the superior race, and true White Mistress, that believes all you coons should be glad to pay my blackmail fee and in return get what ever I’m in the mood to give you, and oh yes listen to me laugh my ass off at your expense.

paypalmay 300x168 Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

Nigger Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this Aryan Goddess is the best, so it should come as no shock that niggers love to be financially blackmailed by the one and only Southern Mistress. Poor nappy headed coon Dana just can’t stay away from his lovely Aryan Queen even though he knows he will have to pay and pay again for his mistakes. One could say that sad nigger Dana has found his calling in this world serving his Goddess. And really what White Mistress doesn’t love having her own personal atm ready and willing to spit out money just to please his beautiful Mistress.

aprilpaypal 300x131 Nigger Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

Financial Blackmail

Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Yes that’s right; as I said this Aryan Goddess loves the month of March and thanks to nigger slave Dana it’s looking greener each and every day. I do love having my loser coon work his ass off so his Southern Mistress can just take it easy and sit back an enjoy the wonderful cool breeze while listening to the birds sing in the trees. After all I am from the pure race so I’m not suppose to bother myself with anything like work or working up a sweat. No, that’s what all of you sad slaves are for. You work all day; do without, all the while giving your Aryan Goddess every last dime. And when your paycheck is gone no problem then you run up your credit cards. LoL One would say I see more of your money then you ever do. No sooner then payday arrives poor sad tar baby turns all his hard earned cash over to his White Mistress. Which reminds me; I think it’s time my yard ape starts putting over time at work. Y’all come back now ya hear.

marchpp 300x153 Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess

Some of you sad losers may not know this but this Aryan Goddess’s family blood line is Irish. Don’t worry, I was still born in the South and grew up there, I’m just from Irish blood. So it should come as no surprise that I love the month of March. And so far thanks to all of you lowly slaves March is turning out to be a great month for the Queen. In just one weeks time so far I’ve cleaned out one Jews wallet and still will be taking more from the poor sod and now I’m having my fun with nigger slave Dana making him pay for cuming before he was allowed to. So just to torment sad coon Dana about how much he’s paid for being disobedient I thought I would post his payments so far. Each and everyday is fun for this White Mistress, why? Because I can always count on you idiots messing up and paying out the ass to me the one true Southern Mistress.

Marchpaypal1 300x168 Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess

Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

Want to know where this Aryan Goddess is from? The answer to that is; I’m from way down South the state of Mississippi. I was born and raised in the South where coons picked cotton in the glory days, lived in slave shacks and loved to serve their white master or even better their white mistress. So it comes as no surprise that so many of you niggers long to serve the one and only Southern Mistress. After all I have skin the color of cream, hypnotic green eyes that allure all lowly races. Be it Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Asians or Pakies, you all long to serve the beautiful Aryan Queen. Face it; we all know you dream of me, have nasty thoughts of things you would love to do to me, you long to touch my fair skin, and serve the one pure race. And yes each one of you will submit to this Pure Aryan Mistress, so no need fight it, submit and be happy…

VAMP16 261x300 Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

Racial Humiliation what do you think?

As an Aryan Goddess I’m allowed to do anything I wish, so I think I will take a poll. How about all you sad Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Gooks, and Pakies let me know how you like the new Racial Humiliation blog compared to the old look. I myself think the new design is beautiful and just pretty much says it out loud just what kind of a Mistress I am. So this is your chance to step up and impress the Queen with your thoughts. Prove to me you have taste and can tell when something is good or just fair. Who knows; you might get lucky and get my attention for a wonderful seconds of you oh so sad life.

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