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Racial Humiliation Niggers Step Up on the Auction Block

racial humiliation8 Racial Humiliation Niggers Step Up on the Auction Block
There’s nothing like some good old Racial Humiliation to get the day going. And today this White Mistress is in the mood to purchase a few big strong nigger slaves to work on her plantation. So how about it, any of you coons out there up to stepping up onto the auction block and seeing if you have what it takes to be one of the lucky few to work your ass off for your lovely Queen? Be forewarned that this Mistress will check you from head to toe, when I say open your mouth so I can see if you have good teeth I expect you to open up, if I say drop your pants to see if you have the right size cock, you will be Johnny on the spot and eager to do what ever I ask of you. So step on up and see if you have what it takes to serve the best White Mistress you could ever dream of serving.

Racial Humiliation and Niggers Wearing Dog Collars

racial humiliation1 Racial Humiliation and Niggers Wearing Dog Collars

When it comes to training a nigger slave this White Mistress loves to use a choker dog collar to get my point across. I must admit though that after a long hard day working on the plantation most of my niggers are worn out and have not fight left in them, but there are always a few hard headed darkies that feel they need to take a stand and for them it’s the choker collar, and a few good hard yanks when they make the mistake of thinking they have rights. Best all you coons learn how things work right from the start, save yourself a beating or two and having the air choked out of you by one hard yank. Just be a good nigger and crawl into your dog cage, curl up in a ball and face the fact that for now on your days will be spent serving your lovely Mistress. But hey it makes no matter to me, beat you, starve you, either way you work for me.

Racial Humiliation and My Nigger ATM

Well now as I am sure all of you can see by now, my nigger slave Chris paid his removal fee in full to have his shame removed. He tried to get the Queen to feel sorry for him by giving me a sad story, but as you can see I didn’t care what kind of a bind the fee put him in, all that mattered was he made like an atm and spit out the money due for his sins. I myself am looking forward to his next pay day, I may just start calling Chris my atm nigger, lol has a nice ring to it. Now get to work and make your White Mistress more of that green stuff she loves.

Here’s what kneegross (Chris) has to say:
This is to pay for the courtesy of having my pictures taken down including the 50$ late fee. Please forgive my ignorance and existence enjoy my hard earned money Im now in the hole but my cock feels it was worth it. TTYS when I get some more money I know where to come

Racial Humiliation Sad Nigger Begging

Well now it would seem that my nigger slave Chris wants his pics removed. Oh dear I do believe he has a big problem. You see the Queen is not known for being nice so it will cost him a nice sum to get me to take his pics down. Starting price to have them removed will be $200.00, but that is only good till tomorrow morning, and then if it’s not paid that price will go up $50 each day my sad nigglet drags his ass on paying his Supreme Mistress Fee. So be a good darkie and pay for your mistake or I will keep the pics up and keep on having a good time at your expense. After all I’m making a nice sum already off my nigger slaves pics so pay or don’t pay, either way this White Mistress wins.

Just for fun here is the message my sad nigger sent:

My heart dropped when I opened your racial humil. page and my pictures were the first thing that loaded up. I always ask for this sort of humiliation while my nigger dick is hard, but after wanking it Im glad my fantasy went unfulifilled. Although I hope that you would please do me the kindness of taking the pictures down, Im debating wether or not to go with the angel of regret or the devil that is this rock hard throbbing dick thats only twice been this hard. I do know I have no rights maybe I can buy the right to renege the use of my photos? any way thankyou for your time and this hard-on and for acknowledging us.

Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

100 53341 482x514 Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

DSCN14411 514x385 Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

I’m sure by now all of you know that when it comes to Racial Humiliation the Queen has no limits and has no problem with ruling all of my slaves with a stern hand. So it should come as no surprise that one of my nigger slaves has sent me in writing permission to degrade him in anyway I see fit. Now I think to start I should post what he sent to me and show all of you my new darkie on the grand plantation. He’s been a good nigger and paid his slave tax, and now we must move on to training him to be the best damn bur head he can be. He looks strong enough to do what ever I command and seems to be able to follow orders, so it does look like I’ve made a fine choice in adding Chris to my stable of slaves. Of course he will have to learn to obey, and since he is new he will spend his nights in a dog cage, but with lots of hard work he may work his way up to coming in the Manor house and bath his White Mistresses lovely feet. But until then I will have to find other ways to amuse myself at kneegross expense. Oh and talking about expense, your next step would be to pay your Slave Upkeep fee. After all it takes a lot of the Queens time to train another nigger slave.

Slave Nigger message sent to his Queen:

Can u please niggermail me. I sent u pics from nigslav I want to serve a truly proud human woman. Please use those pics to control me. For your sake here’s a disclaimer… I completely ask out of my own sane free will, that you take in posession anything I send you. I ask that you portray my pictures emails and name in whatever manner you see fit. You did not entice force or request this. I of my desire ask that you record and use whatever I submit to you online, phone or chat to fulfill my fantasy. My fantasy is to pay for your services in ways that you see fit. I of my own free will yeild to you the complete 100% discretion as to what the is “fit”.
Thanks for your time and accepting my slave tax.

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