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Racial Humiliation Sand Niggers

racial humiliationsandnigger Racial Humiliation Sand Niggers
Way down South on my Plantation Racial Humiliation is part of everyday life for the sad slaves in my service. And wouldn’t you just know it I would end up purchasing a few lazy ass sand niggers. No worries though; I’ve found the perfect use my new dune coons here on my grand plantation, they are now ditch diggers. I mean really what could be a better job for a bunch of towel heads then digging a ditch? So even though I really don’t need the digging done I find it most amusing to watch all my sad sand niggers out in the hot sun digging all day for nothing more then to make me laugh. Oh and even though this makes them most unhappy they are not allowed to wear towels on there heads. So there nappy heads are feeling the heat of the hot sun just like all of the other niggers out working for there White Mistress. And at the end of the day they get eat some plan old beans and have some warm water. Now I ask you; what more could a rag head wish for. HAHA!

Racial Humiliation Used Condom Sold

racial humiliationaryncum Racial Humiliation Used Condom Sold

That’s right; here on the Queens Racial Humiliation plantation one lucky loser purchased my Aryan lovers cum filled condom. But don’t worry; as I said before he is an eager lover and has loads more cum to spew into as many condoms as his Goddess might ask for. And just so you know I am for real I decided to put up a pic of his huge cum condom to show you that it has been well used. So who will be the next lucky owner of one condom with my pussy juice on the outside and my stud’s sperm on the inside?

Racial Humiliation My Aryan Lovers Cum

racial humiliationcum Racial Humiliation My Aryan Lovers Cum
I must say I find it very amusing to get Racial Humiliation request for my lovers cum. But since so many of you have asked for my
Aryan lovers cum I decided that it would be fun to save his condom the next time we had sex and to make a clip showing his cum filled condom for all to see. I must say it’s a rather large condom since my stud isn’t lacking in the cock department. And if you view the clip you will clearly see that the condom I am holding up has been used and does have his sperm inside. Now I thought I would make this more exciting for all you sad losers out there and put his condom up for sale. So if you would like my Aryan lovers cum filled condom that has been inside my pure pussy all you have to do is contact me at and I will tell you how to purchase this lovely item. The price is $100, but don’t worry if your not the first to contact me; my lover is more then up to filling more condoms for his beautiful white mistress.

Racial Humiliation White Mistress Tells Nigger When to Cum

racial humiliation12 Racial Humiliation White Mistress Tells Nigger When to Cum

Well now as we all know when it comes to Racial Humiliation this White Mistress is the best there is. But as we all know there are always a few nigger slaves that just haven’t learned how things work yet. So your lovely Queen has made a clip explaining to you coons that not only do I own your body but I also own and control your black cocks. In other words you don’t touch, fondle or wank on you dick unless other wise instructed by your beautiful White Goddess. I alone will tell you when you can have fun time with Mr. Willy and when you may cum. I do so hope this isn’t too hard for you to follow, but if you prove to be a dumb nigger and get caught playing with your cock don’t say that this Aryan Queen didn’t warn you. Now be a good darkie and get your ass back to work.

Racial Humiliation and Buckwheat says O-Tay

racialhumiliationnigger1 Racial Humiliation and Buckwheat says O Tay

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to Racial Humiliation I think Buckwheat’s expression says it all. I mean just look at that shocked wide eyed look on that little niggers face. All that nappy hair and whites of his eyes showing either from shock or fear is just too funny to not laugh at. And you just know that in a dark room the only things that will show are the whites of his eyes and his pearly white teeth. So there’s a lesson in this post for all my darkie slaves. Have you figured it out yet? Okay as per the norm I will have to explain the simple facts to all you ignorant yard apes. If you’ve done something wrong on the grand plantation and know you’re going to get punished, don’t bother to hide in a dark room, because the whites of your eyes and teeth will give your black ass away. So just be good nigger slaves, obey your White Mistress, work hard and then there won’t be any reason for you coons to hide.

Racial Humiliation Asians Are Meant to Serve

racial humiliation11 Racial Humiliation Asians Are Meant to Serve

Way down here on the Racial Humiliation Plantation the Queen has an opening for a slant eyed Asian in my kitchen. That’s right; I have the perfect job for a few lucky pancake heads working and slaving over a hot stove for there White Mistress. After all you’re short so won’t be that far of a reach to get to the stove top to cook your lovely Goddess what ever she desires. And when you’re done slaving over a hot stove all day you can crawl on all fours and bow before your Queen and ask how else may I serve one as beautiful and fair as you. Works for me…

Racial Humiliation and Nigger Spud

racial humiliation10 Racial Humiliation and Nigger Spud

Way down home on the plantation where Racial Humiliation is the in thing the Queen has decided to introduce Nigger Spud. Yes that’s right; I made a clip showing all my darkie slaves my new toy, a potato with nappy hair and watermelon rind for it’s lips, cause after all we all know how much you niggers love your watermelon, but sad to say they don’t sell RC and moonpies here where I live so will just have to go with watermelon. But don’t get your hopes up; you have to finish your work out in the flied and even then not sure if this White Mistress will feel you’re worthy enough to get some of that tasty watermelon.

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