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Racial Humiliation and Nigger Slaves Earning There Keep:

racial humiliationnigger Racial Humiliation and Nigger Slaves Earning There Keep:

That’s right; way down here on the Queens plantation all my nappy headed niggers have to earn there keep. I know you were cheap to purchase, but hell I still have to feed your coon asses in order for you to be able to pick my cotton. To be honest you know you’re lucky yard apes to get the grand honor of working all day long for your lovely White Mistress. And what prey tell do you get for providing this service, well that one is easy to answer; you get to bow at my feet and catch a glimpse of pure white skin that you long to touch and have many a wet dream each and every night just thinking about how that fair skin would feel if you were lucky enough to win my favor. Oh well as I always say; Dare to dream. HAHA! Now get your nigger asses back out in that heat and earn your White Goddess some cash.

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