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Racial Humiliation and My Thoughts on Niggers:

Well now let’s see; when I think of lowly niggers I think what are they really good for? In answer to that I will let you in on this White Mistresses opinion of yard apes. I will always believe that the only good coon is one that knows how to obey his mistress. After all without an Aryan Goddess to tell a nappy headed tar baby what to do, then pray tell how will he have a clue as to what he should do to please his Queen or for that matter what chores he needs to do to earn his keep. Truth be told this Mistress has no time for lazy slaves or dumb ass ones either. So to sum it all up; the only good nigger is one that loves to obey without question, will jump at the chance to work his ass off to please the one and only ME, and of course loves to give his Supreme Mistress all of his hard earned cash.

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