Monthly Archives: July 2011

Racial Humiliation and Summer Time for Coons

What could be more perfect then Racial Humiliation and Niggers in the Summer time? Well the answer to that is simple; WATERMELON! Yes that’s right; way down here in the South the coons on the plantation love three things; watermelon, RC Cola and a moonpie. I can honestly say that my yardapes will do anything there White Mistress commands just for the reward of those three tasty delights. All my tar babies know that they have to do extra chores to earn those wonderful treats, after all we all know that this White Goddess isn’t easy to please and I take great joy in making my niggers grovel at my lovely pale feet to earn the right to something people of pure Aryan blood can have any time, any where, without having to beg or serve. But hey who said the world is fair, someone has to be bottom of the food chain so why not all those nappy headed coons. Oh well another lovely day here on the Queens Plantation watching slaves sweat and work all to please there Aryan Goddess. Oh my I do so love the South…

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