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Racial Humiliation and Niggers on Halloween:

What do you get when you mix Racial Humiliation, Niggers and Halloween? LoL A yard full of coons running around confused as usual, but to add to the fun they’re scared out of there wits by all the strange things they’re seeing around the grand plantation. I mean really we all know tar babies are lacking in brain cells, so when they see someone decked out in a Halloween outfit, like a Ghost, Dracula or a Mummy the stupid bur heads take off running in every direction to hide. Me I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show, have a good laugh and think of more wonderful ways to amuse myself at the sad yard apes expense. Oh well; I must get back to making sure the nigger slaves are at work getting the plantation ready for the Halloween Ball tomorrow night. But before I go I will leave all you sad coons with a special treat. Your beautiful Aryan Goddess has made an MP3 laughing and amusing myself while thinking about all of you lowly slaves. I’ve placed a special button for you twits to click to purchase the mp3.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Racial Humiliation and Niggers on Halloween:

Racial Humiliation and Niggers that Love to Pay:

My, my how sweet it is when niggers hand over there hard earned money to their White Mistress. Slave Marty was taken with his Aryan Goddess that not only did he spend over an hour enjoying a cam show with his Queen, but the sad coon sent me a $400 tribute. And the lovely thing about this is; he knows and I know that he is hooked and will be back time and time again for more. Yes that’s right; for now on I own his black ass and any money he makes. Works for me…

giftcard400 514x446 Racial Humiliation and Niggers that Love to Pay:

Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

That’s right this Racial Humiliation Mistress laughed all the way to the bank thinking about all my niggers that paid there Queen every last dime they had. They are broke waiting for there pay check while I am sitting back enjoying spending there hard earned money. Just take a look at the screen shot of the money I made in one month off all of my sad coons, Jews and yes Pakies too. Oh yes life on the grand Plantation is wonderful for this Aryan Goddess, lol can’t say the same about the lowly slaves, but then who cares about there needs…

racial humiliationseptinvoice 514x274 Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

Racial Humiliation Nigger Pays Blackmail Tax:

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this Aryan Goddess is the Queen. Niggers flock to me like moths to a flame. They can’t wait to spend time with their White Mistress, and are willing to do anything that I may ask of them for the grand honor of serving me. But from time to time there is always some yard ape that thinks he might escape punishment and finds out the hard way that there is no escape. Poor tar baby Clifton had to pay dearly for his actions and will keep paying till I am satisfied. So he has sent his lovely Goddess $500 for now, but will have to make another payment to his Mistress once the poor fool gets his paycheck. Isn’t it just lovely how he works hard each day and then has to give everything to his Queen…?

giftcard5001 514x446 Racial Humiliation Nigger Pays Blackmail Tax:

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