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Racial Humiliation and Useless Niggers:

Alright so we all know that I’m the pure Aryan Goddess of your dreams, so I thought that I would put down some of my thoughts about how worthless Niggers are. Let’s see; well first off since you look like a damn ape you already have that against you. I mean really you’re just one step above walking around with your arms hanging down and hands dragging on the ground. So one could say if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape then damn that must surely be a yard ape. Oh and lets not forget your nappy heads, and big lips, and yes we know those big lips come in handy for smacking on that KFC chicken and sucking on those chicken bones. Your lazy, can’t seem to follow orders very well and all and all not really much use at all when you think about it. So I would have to say your only use in life is to serve, and we all know this White Mistress is the one you long for, dream and drool over day and night. You beg and beg to have a chance to serve one as beautiful as the Queen, but you know I can only make room on my plantation for just so many useless coons. So step up on the auction block lets see if you have anything that would be of any use to this Goddess. Even if you don’t make the grade all is not lost, I still get to have a good laugh at your sorry ass standing up their like a useless piece of meat hoping you get lucky for once in your worthless life and get to grovel at my feet.

Racial Humiliation and Niggers Pay to Learn:

That’s right; when it comes to Racial Humiliation this White Mistress doesn’t mess around. Poor sad yard ape David is learning it will always cost him dearly when he displeases his Aryan Goddess. This is only the start to his lessons on the plantation; believe me Nigger slave David will be working many long over time hours so he will be able to pay his one pure Mistress. Sound fair to me…

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