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Jews Allowed to Worship Aryan Goddess Feet

Since so many of you sad Jews have been begging to worship my Aryan feet I decided to allow you the honor. I’ve made an MP3 just for you losers so you can bow down at my feet and feel how soft they are, massage them, and then when you are done with that I will let you suck my toes. Now how much more could you hope for? lol

btn ext buy now 136x34 Jews Allowed to Worship Aryan Goddess Feet

Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Yes that’s right; as I said this Aryan Goddess loves the month of March and thanks to nigger slave Dana it’s looking greener each and every day. I do love having my loser coon work his ass off so his Southern Mistress can just take it easy and sit back an enjoy the wonderful cool breeze while listening to the birds sing in the trees. After all I am from the pure race so I’m not suppose to bother myself with anything like work or working up a sweat. No, that’s what all of you sad slaves are for. You work all day; do without, all the while giving your Aryan Goddess every last dime. And when your paycheck is gone no problem then you run up your credit cards. LoL One would say I see more of your money then you ever do. No sooner then payday arrives poor sad tar baby turns all his hard earned cash over to his White Mistress. Which reminds me; I think it’s time my yard ape starts putting over time at work. Y’all come back now ya hear.

marchpp 300x153 Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess

Some of you sad losers may not know this but this Aryan Goddess’s family blood line is Irish. Don’t worry, I was still born in the South and grew up there, I’m just from Irish blood. So it should come as no surprise that I love the month of March. And so far thanks to all of you lowly slaves March is turning out to be a great month for the Queen. In just one weeks time so far I’ve cleaned out one Jews wallet and still will be taking more from the poor sod and now I’m having my fun with nigger slave Dana making him pay for cuming before he was allowed to. So just to torment sad coon Dana about how much he’s paid for being disobedient I thought I would post his payments so far. Each and everyday is fun for this White Mistress, why? Because I can always count on you idiots messing up and paying out the ass to me the one true Southern Mistress.

Marchpaypal1 300x168 Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess

Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

Want to know where this Aryan Goddess is from? The answer to that is; I’m from way down South the state of Mississippi. I was born and raised in the South where coons picked cotton in the glory days, lived in slave shacks and loved to serve their white master or even better their white mistress. So it comes as no surprise that so many of you niggers long to serve the one and only Southern Mistress. After all I have skin the color of cream, hypnotic green eyes that allure all lowly races. Be it Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Asians or Pakies, you all long to serve the beautiful Aryan Queen. Face it; we all know you dream of me, have nasty thoughts of things you would love to do to me, you long to touch my fair skin, and serve the one pure race. And yes each one of you will submit to this Pure Aryan Mistress, so no need fight it, submit and be happy…

VAMP16 261x300 Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

Racial Humiliation what do you think?

As an Aryan Goddess I’m allowed to do anything I wish, so I think I will take a poll. How about all you sad Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Gooks, and Pakies let me know how you like the new Racial Humiliation blog compared to the old look. I myself think the new design is beautiful and just pretty much says it out loud just what kind of a Mistress I am. So this is your chance to step up and impress the Queen with your thoughts. Prove to me you have taste and can tell when something is good or just fair. Who knows; you might get lucky and get my attention for a wonderful seconds of you oh so sad life.

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