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Aryan Goddess, KKK and Niggers

As all of you yard apes should know by now I love Racial Humiliation. So it should come as no surprise that I have many hours of enjoyment laughing at the wonderful ideas that pop into my brain. I’m proud to have a warped mind and I must say my sick, amusing thoughts sure do come in handy. So since I enjoy a good laugh, and I know how much all of you tar babies enjoy every damn thing I say, I made an MP3 about the Klu Klux Klan and niggers. Oh and for a special treat, I tease you sad losers with thoughts of getting between my thighs and licking my sweet pussy juice. Yummy to the last drop. lol Now back to my riddle.

What does the KKK, beer, bomb fire and niggers mean? Can’t think of the answer? Oh come now, I know your stupid slaves but hell do you ever use your brain cells? Okay you’ve had enough time and I’m tired of waiting while you scratch your bur heads. The answer is; hot damn, were going to have some fun tonight beating some niggers. LoL That’s what the KKK does when they build a bomb fire and drink beer. But then again, they do that just for fun any night of the week. Oh well; all you coons had best head inside if you see a bomb fire, after all you never know it might be beat a nigger night. Fun for one and all…

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Aryan Goddess Sits on Niggers Face

So you worthless coons want to sniff my fine Aryan Ass? Well today is your lucky day. The one and only Aryan Queen has decided to make an MP3 of my lovely pale ass sitting on your big ass nigger nose. You get to lay there with my creamy white ass smothering you, and smelling my sweet ass. Don’t worry; every now and then I will raise up just a little so you can take a few deep breaths and then it’s time for your nose to go back to sniffing my butt crack. I wiggle while I’m sitting on your ugly face, I laugh while you gasp for air, and I enjoy the fact you so want to start stroking your hard cock, but no, no your White Mistress hasn’t given you permission to cum yet. We will save that till the end that is if you prove to be a good ass sniffer.

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Nigger Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this Aryan Goddess is the best, so it should come as no shock that niggers love to be financially blackmailed by the one and only Southern Mistress. Poor nappy headed coon Dana just can’t stay away from his lovely Aryan Queen even though he knows he will have to pay and pay again for his mistakes. One could say that sad nigger Dana has found his calling in this world serving his Goddess. And really what White Mistress doesn’t love having her own personal atm ready and willing to spit out money just to please his beautiful Mistress.

aprilpaypal 300x131 Nigger Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

Financial Blackmail

Nigger Slave Dana Still Paying Blackmail Fee

Poor sad Nigger Dana just can’t stop giving his Aryan Goddess all of his money. I find it amusing that he’s having to pay his service fees to his Southern Mistress. He has no chose in the matter, after all he knows if he doesn’t pay me I do have other ways of getting the money he owes. Not to mention that each time he is so much as an hour late paying his service fee he knows the price will go up. So for now he’s being a good darkie and paying on time to his White Mistress.

MarchPayPal 300x138 Nigger Slave Dana Still Paying Blackmail Fee

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