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Aryan Goddess Racial Humiliation with a Song

LoL I bet you never expected to have a song with Racial Humiliation now did you? Well as all of you should know by now I love to do things no one else has ever done. So why not throw in a jigaboo song here and there on the MP3 while having a good laugh at all you worthless coons. After all I know and you know that when it comes to yardapes their lazy as hell, have to be made to do anything, and sit around moaning about why bad things happen to them, why am I always so broke, why am I such a useless Loser. I will tell you why. Because you were born the wrong color, you’re a nigger, nothing but a lowly slave born to serve the one Pure Race, the Aryan race. So stop your bitching, get your ass out there and do the job I ordered you to do. I’m in charge and always will be in charge because I am the White Mistress you dream of serving. Now hop to it, get your sorry asses back to work!

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Aryan Goddess Vents about the MS Delta and Emmett Till:

Yes that’s right; this Aryan Goddess is having a bit of rant over the statements made on some dipshits blog. Some of you may know the story about Emmett Till getting killed in 1955 because he whistled at a white woman. First of all this was as I stated 1955 in the Mississippi Delta, so any nigger should have known better then to flirt with a white woman so it should come as no shock that the good ole boys killed his ass. And yes still to this day where I come from in the Delta the good old boys will still take care of any yardapes that forget their place and hit on a white woman. It’s the way it should be and the way it always will be, so learn your place and stop bitching.

Now the reason I am having my rant is because as I said some twit made statements in his blog about the Mississippi Delta. This person didn’t do his research since he made the statement that in the MS Delta we have nothing but small towns, no big cities and major cites to be found, and in these small towns we are lucky if we have one gas station that doubles as a grocery store and one barber shop. Some how this twit over looked the state capitol Jackson, MS population 173,414, Vicksburg, MS pop 23,856 and Greenville, MS pop 34,400. Now in all the towns I named above we have shopping malls, grocery stores, beauty solons, colleges, schools, restaurants and much more. Never in all my years of living in MS did I ever live in a town that just had a gas station/grocery store and a barber shop. Yes there are still small towns, but every place has those. My point here is that we do have big cities, and more then enough places to shop at. So someone needs to get his facts right before talking out his ass.

Now to all of you coons, don’t worry I still believe in the old South, and that all niggers should bow down and worship the one pure race and in this case you’re Aryan Queen. I still think you’re all worthless, need to learn your place and I’m more then happy to help you out with leaning just how low on the food chain you really are.

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Aryan Goddess Views on Michael Jackson the want a be White Nigger

As all of you should know by now this Racial Humiliation Mistress doesn’t tip toe around, or should I say give a crap about what anyone may think about my views. I say what’s on my mind which is why all of you coons adore me. So since I love to amuse myself and just have a good time telling it like it is I thought I would share my thoughts on Michael Jackson here on my blog and also on an MP3. lol On the MP3 I have to admit I had a damn good time laughing at how Michael tried so hard to be white. He made himself look like a freak all in the name of I just got to be white. Now I can understand why he would dream of being white, after all we are the beautiful people and coons or the ugly ape people. So no shock that he wanted to be white, but even with all his money he could never be white. He was born a nigger and no amount of cosmetic surgery was going to change the fact that he was a yardape. It is any wonder that all of you darkies crave the one and only pure Aryan Goddess? You desire me, my creamy white skin, green eyes, and pure blood. I have class, style, something you can’t find in your sheape wives and girlfriends. It must be hard to get up everyday and look in the mirror and see that you’re still the color of shit, and your big lipped and huge ass female ape is also the color of shit. All is not lost though; even though you will never have sex with this White Mistress, you can still dream of all the nasty things you would like to do to me, call me and hear my lovely Southern voice, and kneel at my feet like a good tar baby.

Click the button below to purchase my MP3 and listen to all the fun things I have to say about the White Nigger and all of you burheads.

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jpg michael jackcon white nigger 1 750x747 2 300x298 Aryan Goddess Views on Michael Jackson the want a be White Nigger

Aryan Goddess thinks Niggers were born to be slaves:

That’s right; this White Mistress thinks niggers were born to serve the White race. The Civil War has come and gone. All you coons are still crying about what is owed to you, yet one important fact; you weren’t even born during the time of slavery. Now this might come as a big shock to all of you yardapes but you haven’t moved on, or evolved, you are still slaves and serving the one pure race. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Come on down to the grand plantation, your Aryan Goddess always has room for more lazy ass coons. I will put you to work, make you earn your keep, treat you crap, and make you bow down and praise me each and every day. Sounds fun to me, I can’t wait!

As for my views on niggers milking the system and me laughing my ass off at the wonderfully wicked things I say; you’ll have to purchase the MP3 to hear that.

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Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

Well now looks like sad Nigslav hasn’t learned yet how Blackmail works. He sent me an email begging me to remove his pictures from my blog. So I would say he is more then a bit confused about how Blackmail works. He never paid the removal fee on the last pics so until that fee with interest is paid those pictures will stay up on my website. I get loads of customers from those post with his sad nigger ass and cock showing for one and all to see. If you didn’t want people to see your hairy coon ass and tied up dick you shouldn’t have asked to play to rip off game. I get it; you played till you ran out of money, which by the way isn’t my problem. I do not care about some worthless yard ape sending me all of his cash and then finding he can’t pay his bills. All I care about is my pleasures, and the fun things I can do with all you losers money.

Oh and before I forget; I’ve made a fun MP3 of me reading his email and laughing my ass off, and other fun things.

Below is a screen shot of his email and the button to purchase the MP3.

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nigslave 300x168 Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Well now it looks like slave James learned that when it comes to Blackmail this Mistress doesn’t mess around. He tried giving me some sad story about not having the money to please me, but we soon had that problem fixed and cash in my niteflirt account. Poor nigger James ended up paying $1,202.87 for not coughing up the money. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the blackmail/rip off game, then you had best be prepared to pay out the ass.

nfpayment White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

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