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Racial Humiliation No Pity for Old Nigger Mother

Come on by now all of you should know when it comes to Racial Humiliation and you pitiful coons I have no pity. So what I’m about to write should come as no great shock. I was reading a news report about some old sad Sheboon crying woe is me about having to pay back a loan she cosigned. She seems to think that because her son died that she shouldn’t have to pay the loan back. And also states that she has to help care for his 2 year old son since the mom doesn’t have many resources. To this I say; GIVE ME A FREAKING BREAK! What, now the laws are suppose to change and porch niggers are now suppose to not have to pay back loans they cosign for just because the one they cosigned for died? Bitch you cosigned for your sons student loan and no where in the fine print does it say; hey if he dies we will just forget about this loan out of the kindness of our hearts. As for him leaving behind a 2 year old son I do believe we all know what resources the mom has; WELFARE. So get up off your 61 year old Aunt Jemima ass, go back to work, stop bitching about not having enough money, and pay back the loan. lol On the up side, at least if you have any other kids your credit will now be shot to shit so you won’t be able to cosign.

Racial Humiliation and Free Loading Niggers:

Yes that’s right this Aryan Goddess just said “Free Loading Niggers”! Would you by chance care to find out why I made such a dramatic title? Well I will fill you in on just why I made that statement. I was just listening to a video on youtube “which will be included below this post”, and in this video some hood rat coon is singing about “Obama give us a phone”, which I think the vid pretty much shows the whole world the truth about over half of the United States black population. Who else would make a vid singing about all the free stuff they get on others tax dollars. Who else? Niggers are who else. You seem to be proud of the fact that your on food stamps, get government housing, on Social Security Disability while might I just add most of you have nothing wrong with you and work a job for cash under the table, so why not sing about getting a free cell phone. It’s clear to me and the whole world that most of you are happy and proud to have others pay your way in life, so why get up off that big fat ass other then to shove more food in it. I mean really have you taken a look at how many yardapes a so damn fat that it would take a crane to lift them out of that big old chair with there ass imprint in it? So yes ya’ll got yourselves a free phone, let’s everybody sing about this joyous and wonderful event. And in case you didn’t get it I said “ya’ll” to make fun of your lack of education. So stand strong, stand proud, you can say it; I’m a free loading Nigger still living off the white man. Nice to know you’re happy about still being in slavery. Fuck me that’s just to damn funny….

Racial Humiliation and Nigger knows he’s a YardApe

I thought I would share a video of a Nigger acting like the true yardape he is. I found it very amusing to say the least, but then again I always enjoy it when one of you coons makes a fool of yourself. Really I think all of you should stop fighting that inner ape and just give in and go with it. After all you’re almost there as it is. Rap music “once again showing your inner ape”, wearing your pants down below your coon ass, gathering in the streets in groups, fighting most everywhere you go, the list goes on and on. You are the lowest of the low, can’t get along with your own kind so why do you think we the pure Aryan race should bother even noticing you much less getting along with you?

You know I have a wonderful idea. Why don’t all of you jigaboos make a short video of dancing around and making ape sounds just like that big fat baboon in the clip from youtube I put up. I bet none of you nigga’s have the guts to make a video of who you really are; a big old ugly APE. Want to really get my attention? Then either hold up a sign or say “I’m the Queen Of Phone Means Ugly YardApe”. I dare you to do it…

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