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Racial Humiliation and Blackmail Idiots

I have come to the conclusion that many of you don’t understand what blackmail is. So I thought that I would clear things up for the cheap twits that don’t have a clue.

I have a Blackmail Contract for a reason. The reason for the contract and having to pay the fee is to prove you are really into this fetish or just some sad wanker looking for a free way to get off. When it comes to raping your wallet I take that very seriously and I don’t play nice. I’ve brought men to their knees begging for me to have pity, which I never do. I’m the one in control, I have all of your personal information and you know at any time if you don’t do as I say I will use it however I see fit. This is domination, it’s not play time. So if you don’t have the money to play then you had best go back to your job at Burger King. I’m the best there is and as any of you should know the finer things in life always comes with a high price tag. So if you want to be my bitch you had better have to cash to back it up, other wise don’t bother to contact me.

Now I do so hope were clear on how this game works. If you don’t pay your contract fee then don’t expect me to reply. I’m not known for wasting my time on useless morons.

Racial Humiliation and the Joys of Christmas

I thought I would share my views and one of my favorite songs for the Holidays. A song called Band Aid Do they know its Christmas Time at All came out in the 80’s and I have to admit the first time I heard this song I laughed my ass off. Why you may ask would I laugh at a song made to help those in need? Well I would be most happy to explain just why I find this song so damn funny. There are two things in this song that always makes me laugh when ever I hear it. 1) There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time. LoL No shit is there ever snow at Christmas time in Africa. 2) And my all time favorite makes me laugh till tears are rolling down my face is; Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you. Listen to the song, listen very carefully to how much feeling Bono puts in to that one line about just how damn grateful he is that it’s them instead of you are in this case him. So news flash all you niggers out there in Africa or any where else for that matter, no one gives a shit, but hey they did make a nice song to bring out that Holiday sprit.

I’ve made an MP3 about this topic and yes I am laughing my ass off and making fun of all of you sad ass coons. For me it’s just not Christmas time if I can’t have a good laugh at all you nappy headed niggers. And it’s always a given that come Christmas time all my yardapes are jumping to please there Aryan Goddess. And what do I give them in return you may ask; well silly that one is easy. During December here on the grand plantation we have the 12 days of abuse and all forms of Racial Humiliation and to die for punishments for all you sad jigaboos. Tis the season after all, so what could be better then me the Aryan Queen being lavished with gifts and making my slaves dreams come true with showing them what servitude really is. The only thing any of you slaves need to remember is Always Please your White Mistress. If I order you to worship my feet, massage them, lick between my toes then you shall do just that. If I’m in the mood to allow you to sniff my ass, you will be grateful. If I tease you to the point of orgasm then not allow you to cum, once again you will be grateful. If I make you work outside the Plantation only to have you give me all your money, you will do so and be damn happy I allowed you to work your ass off for you Queen.

I’ve also added the youtube video of this song (Clipped to just the right spot) so all of you can listen to just how grateful Bono is that it’s them instead of him.

Ho Ho Ho To all you nigger slaves and other losers! Oh and all you useless Jews need not worry I a wonderfully degrading MP3 just for you which I will post on my website soon. Oh yes the joys of the Holidays…

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Youtube Funny Clip, Listen to Bono



Racial Humiliation and Cheap Ass Niggers

I find it amusing how so many of you sad niggers ask for Financial Blackmail, yet when it comes to playing the blackmail game you just don’t have the balls to do so. As you should be able to see from screen shots I so kindly posted to punish a few slaves that it always comes down you paying out the ass to serve Me. So don’t bother even contacting this White Mistress if you are not man enough to play by my rules and pay out the ass. I have no time for cheap ass coons that haven’t got a clue as to how Blackmail Domination works. I’m the best of the best and as we all know the finer things in life cost loads of money. So if you don’t have the cash or the balls to have your wallet raped then don’t even bother to contact me go find some cheap ass bitch that doesn’t have a clue about domination much less blackmail.

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