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Racial Humiliation Nigger Slave Blackmail Pictures

Well now seems nigslav hasn’t learned his lesson on how Racial Humiliation works. When you do not want pictures or attention drawn to oneself you do not seed the Queen an email much less a spam. Poor coon is still upset that he’s a broke ass nigger and not able to pay his picture removal fee. So far he’s sent me emails begging, emails where he is trying to sound like an attorney trying to scare me into removing his pics, and now a spam email thinking I would click on his sad link. As he should have learned by now I never give in, I never back down, and I will always post any and all emails he sends to me on my racial site for all to see and yes for my amusement. And since I’m such a mean Aryan Goddess I thought I would add the links to all of sad nigslavs pictures of shame. I mean really it’s not fair to everyone that comes to my site to have go through my post to find his bare yardape ass and sad nigger cock, now is it? So I will be nice and add the links in this post for all to enjoy.

Now nigslave lesson to learn here is; if you don’t want anything having to do with you posted on my website then use your brain and don’t attract my attention to your stupid sad hairy nigger ass. Class out for now…

lol I do so love being the Queen Of Phone Mean.

Nigslavs email:

niggerloserslave 300x168 Racial Humiliation Nigger Slave Blackmail Pictures





Aryan Goddess Amused with Typical Nigger Behavior

I’m never shocked when I hear the news talking about niggers getting into fights. Case in point; a Cincinnati school is in the news for an adult sheboon and her daughter ganging up on a 15 year old girl. The news states that Precious told her nigglet to hit the girl and helped her coon child beat the girl. Sheboon Precious is charged with felonious assault and aggravated criminal trespass. None of this comes as a surprise to me, I mean really isn’t acting like apes something you niggas do everyday? Why sure it is, you would be lost with out behaving like the monkeys you know you are. lol And can I just say that you coons sure do pick out the funniest names. Really Precious, lol I Can’t stop laughing over that one, then again people do name there animals Precious so I guess in this case the name fits. And while I’m stating my opinions; how about the nigger Grandmother crying about her poor sheboon daughter and grandchild got a bum rap. Yep we already knew that would happen, none of you yardapes ever do anything wrong. Yeah right…

Aryan Goddess Laughs about LAPD Going on a Coon Hunt

I find it funny that all you niggers want to make this out to be a racial thing. When in fact I think the LAPD has good reason to be stopping all heavily built black men. Who could blame then since all of you nappy headed bro’s look a like. This could be a bad situation for all of you yardapes. After all you don’t just have to worry about regular folks doing what ever it takes to be the one to catch Chris Dorner; you also have to worry about the trigger happy morons on the LAPD. Not a good sign with them shooting the truck of two Hispanic women, when the truck was a different color then the one they were looking for and the license plate didn’t match. Oh dear bad news for all of you big fat niggers, Mr. LAPD has gone gun happy having fun on a coon hunt.

Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

As you all should know by now this Aryan Goddess has no patience for useless Jew slaves. For some reason you ugly ass kikes seem to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame. Now of course I understand how much you adore me and long to serve me, but for heavens sake would it kill you to at least try and use that tiny brain you were graced with? Case in point; I have a new slave named jewslave that can’t even figure out how to get a link to an MP3 to work. Just another stupid Jew looking to serve the Queen but yet doesn’t know how to follow orders. So since he’s proven how dumb he is I thought I would put up a couple of his pictures of shame for one and all to see. I must admit his pictures with a feather up his ass and cumslut written on his butt does amuse me and gives me so many wicked ideas of things to do to this worthless Jew dog.

photo 2 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

photo 1 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

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