Monthly Archives: April 2016

Racial Degradation by Aryan Goddess

As you should know by now this White Mistress loves to laugh at all of you sad niggers. So I decided to have a bit of fun and make a video to not only humiliate you baboons but also to allow others to join in on the fun! I had a wonderfully wicked idea pop into my mind the other night and I just couldn’t resists sharing it with one and all. I got a potato, cotton balls, glue, watermelon rind and black spray paint. The paint was for the cotton balls so they would look just like one of you nappy headed coons. The watermelon rind I used for the eyes, nose and mouth. I used the glue and toothpicks to hold the rind in place, and when it was done I set back and laughed my ass off at how much my invention looked just like a stupid nigger. I named my invention “Nigger Spud”. Which I think is the perfect name for a nasty yardape.

So for everyone’s enjoyment I am including the video I made with Mr. Nigger Spud.


Aryan Queen Laughs at Stupid Nigger

Well once again I’ve pissed off yet another stupid nigger. The upset yardape sent me an email ranting about how superior his so called race is compared to the Aryan race.

Now I’ve included a screenshot of the dipshits email and yes I will also be including another MP3 having a good laugh at the morons improper use of the English language. Notice the coon likes to use “y’all often in the rant he sent to me and misspelled “intelligent”.

First off if you are offended by my racial views then why are you reading my tweets? It’s no big secret that I am a racist, and I don’t play nice. I say what’s on my mind and more to the point I tell it like it is. Everything that I write, pictures I use, videos or MP3’s I make tells the truth about your so called baboon race. Prey tell where do you think I get the material I post? I get it from the news, youtube and from living in the South. I grew up seeing how yardapes act. Your so called race is nothing but bottom feeding trash. Most of you are on Welfare, walking around with a chip on your shoulder bitching about the whites owe you. Your race steals, rapes, and drains the system of money that could be used for more important things then keeping damn baboons alive. And no the nigger race isn’t more superior then the Aryan race. Now as for cooking better then white people, no have to say once again you’re wrong. Only a nappy headed coon would eat chitterlings. As for being cleaner, nope once again you’re wrong. Most of you I think are scared of soap and water, then again I’m going by how much most of you niggers stink. As for your “women”, no have to say hoodrats are not a pretty sight to behold. Nor is a nigger bitches hair better then a white woman.

Now since I’ve grown bored with replying to your so called rant I’m going to stop here and if anyone would like to hear more of my response then by all means click the link and listen to the MP3. Enjoy.

Screenshot of stupid niggers email rant:

realnigger 300x168 Aryan Queen Laughs at Stupid Nigger

MP3 Reply to stupid nappy headed nigger:

[sc_embed_player fileurl=""]

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