Racial Degradation by Aryan Goddess

As you should know by now this White Mistress loves to laugh at all of you sad niggers. So I decided to have a bit of fun and make a video to not only humiliate you baboons but also to allow others to join in on the fun! I had a wonderfully wicked idea pop into my mind the other night and I just couldn’t resists sharing it with one and all. I got a potato, cotton balls, glue, watermelon rind and black spray paint. The paint was for the cotton balls so they would look just like one of you nappy headed coons. The watermelon rind I used for the eyes, nose and mouth. I used the glue and toothpicks to hold the rind in place, and when it was done I set back and laughed my ass off at how much my invention looked just like a stupid nigger. I named my invention “Nigger Spud”. Which I think is the perfect name for a nasty yardape.

So for everyone’s enjoyment I am including the video I made with Mr. Nigger Spud.


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