Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

100 53341 482x514 Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

DSCN14411 514x385 Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

I’m sure by now all of you know that when it comes to Racial Humiliation the Queen has no limits and has no problem with ruling all of my slaves with a stern hand. So it should come as no surprise that one of my nigger slaves has sent me in writing permission to degrade him in anyway I see fit. Now I think to start I should post what he sent to me and show all of you my new darkie on the grand plantation. He’s been a good nigger and paid his slave tax, and now we must move on to training him to be the best damn bur head he can be. He looks strong enough to do what ever I command and seems to be able to follow orders, so it does look like I’ve made a fine choice in adding Chris to my stable of slaves. Of course he will have to learn to obey, and since he is new he will spend his nights in a dog cage, but with lots of hard work he may work his way up to coming in the Manor house and bath his White Mistresses lovely feet. But until then I will have to find other ways to amuse myself at kneegross expense. Oh and talking about expense, your next step would be to pay your Slave Upkeep fee. After all it takes a lot of the Queens time to train another nigger slave.

Slave Nigger message sent to his Queen:

Can u please niggermail me. I sent u pics from nigslav I want to serve a truly proud human woman. Please use those pics to control me. For your sake here’s a disclaimer… I completely ask out of my own sane free will, that you take in posession anything I send you. I ask that you portray my pictures emails and name in whatever manner you see fit. You did not entice force or request this. I of my desire ask that you record and use whatever I submit to you online, phone or chat to fulfill my fantasy. My fantasy is to pay for your services in ways that you see fit. I of my own free will yeild to you the complete 100% discretion as to what the is “fit”.
Thanks for your time and accepting my slave tax.

11 Responses to Racial Humiliation Slave Nigger Begging to Serve

  • Toby says:

    lolz chris be a good nigger so to be ur fav nigger you want dudes to pay some tax and take pics of the ol big cock ?

    • White Mistress says:

      Why yes, you don’t think I am going to waste my time on a nigger for nothing do you? You want the best, then be ready to do what ever I ask or if your not up for that task then the Queen will not waste her time on you.

    • chris says:

      why feild niggas always gotta be divisive, exactly why we’re still slaves. Well since you can see Im mulatto u know I could whip you when the mistress is out. A smart feild by should close his mouth rather fingers i should say

      • White Mistress says:

        I can solve this problem; if slaves can’t get along then perhaps it’s time to string you up for a nice lashing then maybe the two of you will learn to not fight and use all your time working and pleasing your White Mistress. Now be good niggers and do as you’re told.

  • White Mistress says:


  • Brian Dandridge says:

    i’m a porch monkey who has finally learned that all niggers are inferior, and need to be trained to be the obedient coons that wee were meant to be. At present i am the property of a dynamic, superior Femdom from Germany who enjoys racial humiliation, even in public places. Each time She commands me to kiss Her White ass, it is an honor to do exactly as i am told.

  • DeAN of jets says:

    The internet could use more videos and content directed towards this audience… You’d do us brownies a sexy solid by making racial humiliation videos. Something like what GoddessPosh did on Humiliate.me

    Preferably where the N -word is actually used though. May our taboos flourish.

    • mistress says:

      DeAN of jets I would say from your comment that you don’t have a clue as to who I am. I have loads of videos on clips4sale and niteflirt all about Racial Humiliation. Anyone that has listened to any of my clips or mp3’s would be well aware of the fact that I call a nigger a nigger and many other lovely slurs, coons,, yardapes, nappy headed coons you name it, I’m sure I’ve said it. No race is safe from my cruel humiliation, be it Muslims, Jews, Pakies, Mexicans and yes Bur Heads. To compare me to this Goddess Posh that can’t even say nigger but calls you Colored is an insult. That in my book is like me claiming to be a Racial Mistress yet saying I’m sorry for calling you a nigger! I never say I’m sorry for any slurs I use, and am proud to be Aryan and use all of you sad slaves in any way I see fit. If you had bothered to listen to the free video I have on racial-humiliation.com then you wouldn’t have made this post in the first place.

  • Nigger Boy says:

    Hello Mistresas,
    I am an obedient Nigger slave who knows his place. I am in Los Angeles and I am currently looking for a dominant white mistress who can get real racial and knows how to bring the monkey out of me. I am an experienced nigger boy and I have no problems following orders from a supreme white woman who knows how to racially degrade an obedient nigger boy without limits. I get into any and every scene, but I really get off on being a good Nigger slave on a superior white woman’s plantation. I would like to make an appointment with you in order to satisfy my submissive nigger ways. Nigger boy is waiting to be your perverted coon.
    Nigger Boy

    • mistress says:

      lol I find your comment most amusing. If you’ve bothered to read my post, watch my videos and listen to my mp3’s then you would know that I’m the most hardcore Aryan Mistress there is. I despise porch monkeys. I take great enjoyment from degrading and humiliation nasty ass niggers. Yardapes were put on this earth for one reason only. And that is to serve the white race. All coons should still be working there asses off on the Masters Plantation picking cotton and jumping to do what superior white race orders them to do. You’re nothing but an animal to be worked till you drop. Then bury your sad ass and work another jigaboo to death.
      So if you really want to serve the one true Aryan Mistress I suggest you prove you can do as you’re told and purchase my slave contract. Other wise I will just ignore your nasty ass.

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