Racial Humiliation and Christmas time

Picture77 Racial Humiliation and Christmas time

Racial Humiliation and Christmas time, what a wonderful combination. Down here on the grand plantation all my niggers are jumping to obey. Yessum Mistress we be good coons and live to please our beautiful Aryan Goddess. It’s really funny if you think about it; I sit back, enjoy fine food, get all the gifts any Queen could desire, and the poor nigglets get nothing but more work, cheap food, tattered clothes, and thread bare blankets. I’m warm and toasty and the poor nigger slaves are freezing there asses off, but yet know better then to complain. That’s right; better to freeze and not have a beating, then to get lashes on your back and still be cold. All isn’t lost though; I thought that I would give my yard apes something to look forward to, so for a lucky few I have given each a number all the way up to 24. Why 24? Well that is easy, 24 days till Christmas and each of my lucky niggers when there number is called will get the grand honor of washing my feet, massaging them, and maybe if I’m in the mood suck my toes. We will see, let the count down begin.

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