Racial Humiliation and the Sad Nigger Slave

nigslave 514x385 Racial Humiliation and the Sad Nigger Slave

Well it would seem that Chris just doesn’t understand the rules of Racial Humiliation. He is the nigger slave, I am the White Mistress, I rule, and he obeys. He’s having a hard time right now excepting his new punishment. Poor tar baby thinks that he can beg his way out and plead to his Queen to remove his pictures of shame. As he is finding out, I have no sympathy and will keep amusing myself at his expense by keeping his pictures of his hairy balls and black cock up for one and all to see. Oh and he does seem to be upset about his face showing so the new picture I will be adding in this post that shows part of his face should quite upset the sad coon. Not to worry though Chris, I’ve had lots of nigger slaves contacting me asking if they could take your place on the plantation. It would seem the longer you wait to pay your punishment fine the lower you will rank on the plantation.

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