Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

That’s right this Racial Humiliation Mistress laughed all the way to the bank thinking about all my niggers that paid there Queen every last dime they had. They are broke waiting for there pay check while I am sitting back enjoying spending there hard earned money. Just take a look at the screen shot of the money I made in one month off all of my sad coons, Jews and yes Pakies too. Oh yes life on the grand Plantation is wonderful for this Aryan Goddess, lol can’t say the same about the lowly slaves, but then who cares about there needs…

racial humiliationseptinvoice 514x274 Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

2 Responses to Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

  • Paki Slave says:

    It’s the superior intellect of the white race that ensures that white folk will ALWAYS make money at the expenso of members of inferior races (ie darkie types).
    And NO mention has been made of the superior physical attraction of aryans; quite simply white people are so so beautiful looking
    -White people are so so good at sex.
    -An open secret that BLOND men have the biggest cocks of all.
    -Semen from blond n blue eyed men is more desired than any other; women CRAVE ‘blond semen’

    When a blond man wears doc martin boots, the statement being made to darkie types is ‘LICK my boots, darkie!’

    Lovely mistress, I’d LOVE to sniff your farts!

  • shak says:

    ^^^^^^ LOL shut the fuk up! gay fuckk. your probably the only one who thinks like that. so damn degrading! by the way i came across this shit by googling something about racial humiliation faced by gypsies!

    Get a grip you stupid cunt.

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