Aryan Goddess Allows Lowly Jew Dog to lick her Feet

Yes it is me; you’re Racial Humiliation Goddess of your dreams. And today I have such a special treat for all of you useless Jews out there. I your one pure Mistress have decided to grant all of you sad so called chosen ones the grand honor of cleaning my lovely feet. You may get down on your knees, caress and lick my feet and toes all while looking up at your Queen with adoring eyes and saying thank you Mistress over and over for this wonderful kindness I have bestowed upon such an ugly ass creature as yourself. Now that you know something about your treat I would say you had best get your ass in gear and buy the MP3 so you can enjoy your grand honor. Oh and don’t forget to stick that feather up your ass so when you wiggle your ass in thanks of severing your White Mistress you look like the dog you are wagging your tail.

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3 Responses to Aryan Goddess Allows Lowly Jew Dog to lick her Feet

  • michael says:

    outstanding! you rule. all jews were born to serve you, the superior race. Please let this lowly jew dog see your superior aryan feet in black nylons. your superior aryan feet belong on my back. i was born to serve you and be your footstool. i bow to my superior aryan goddess.

    • mistress says:

      Michael I would have to say that it’s no surprise that I rule and all Jews were born to serve ME. After all I’m perfect in every way, my eyes hypnotize, my body seduces and my sharp wit and tongue rule and control all slaves. As for my lovely Aryan feet in black nylons, that can be done. I’m always looking for a good footstool to prop my feet on. But first I think you need to prove just how well you bow before your Aryan Goddess.

      • Michael says:

        What an honor and privilege to kneel before YOU, SUPERIOR ARYAN GODDESS. i beg YOU, my SUPREME ARYAN GODDESS, for the privilege of seeing YOUR SUPERIOR FEET in black nylons. i beg for this privilege. i am kneeling while writing this to YOU. i humbly beg YOU to show this lowly jew dog YOUR SUPERIOR ARYAN FEET in black nylons. i beg for photos and for a video of YOU humiliating and degrading YOUR lowly jew dog and all jews and reminding me/us of my/our true place in life; beneath YOU, serving the MASTER RACE. i grovel beneath YOU, ARYAN GODDESS. i was born to be YOUR footstool.
        i kneel beneath my ARYAN GODDESS.

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