Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

Want to know where this Aryan Goddess is from? The answer to that is; I’m from way down South the state of Mississippi. I was born and raised in the South where coons picked cotton in the glory days, lived in slave shacks and loved to serve their white master or even better their white mistress. So it comes as no surprise that so many of you niggers long to serve the one and only Southern Mistress. After all I have skin the color of cream, hypnotic green eyes that allure all lowly races. Be it Jews, Niggers, Muslims, Asians or Pakies, you all long to serve the beautiful Aryan Queen. Face it; we all know you dream of me, have nasty thoughts of things you would love to do to me, you long to touch my fair skin, and serve the one pure race. And yes each one of you will submit to this Pure Aryan Mistress, so no need fight it, submit and be happy…

VAMP16 261x300 Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

6 Responses to Aryan Goddess Southern and Loving it

  • sucram says:

    i adore white people

  • sucram says:

    i love white

  • sucram says:

    iam black and i understand the that white people have control of the america, when am around white people, i try to be at my best. just looking ih those sexy blue makes me wanna cum…i live Tn, and white people are so tuff here, i show respect.

  • callmenigger says:

    I think you are one of my favorites because u r from the south and when u say nigger u mean it …How do I find out more about u …Do u have a facebook or twitter or u on any other sites …

    • mistress says:

      Yes it is true I am from the South, and I am very much a racist. As for how to contact me you can do so here

  • sucram says:

    looking you in the eye’s makes me timid and weak, and shows the power you have over a black man,,your just a pure cup of water

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