Aryan Goddess Racial Humiliation with a Song

LoL I bet you never expected to have a song with Racial Humiliation now did you? Well as all of you should know by now I love to do things no one else has ever done. So why not throw in a jigaboo song here and there on the MP3 while having a good laugh at all you worthless coons. After all I know and you know that when it comes to yardapes their lazy as hell, have to be made to do anything, and sit around moaning about why bad things happen to them, why am I always so broke, why am I such a useless Loser. I will tell you why. Because you were born the wrong color, you’re a nigger, nothing but a lowly slave born to serve the one Pure Race, the Aryan race. So stop your bitching, get your ass out there and do the job I ordered you to do. I’m in charge and always will be in charge because I am the White Mistress you dream of serving. Now hop to it, get your sorry asses back to work!

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One Response to Aryan Goddess Racial Humiliation with a Song

  • nigger sam says:

    hi there aryan goddess. i’m a nigger in kenya and came across your site and loved it. i’m your typical pouch monkey, ugly, big lips, huge nostrils and extremely dark skinned. i believe the aryan race is superior in every way. how can i be your loyal slave white goddess?

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