Free Racial Humiliation Promo

I know how much all of you sad losers love Racial Humiliation so I thought that I would put up a free promo video of myself just for all of you twits. It’s not often that I grace any of you lowly slaves with anything free but I thought I would give you a little taste of hearing my sexy Southern voice and yes getting to gaze upon my lovely face. So for this rare moment you get to watch a short Racial clip of your beautiful Aryan Goddess having fun at your expense.

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6 Responses to Free Racial Humiliation Promo

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    its such a honor to hear your sweet southern voice…you just pure cup of water,,so pure and superior, when i look into your eyes its shows me why whites are just better and so superior,..if it wasnt for white people the world would be a disaster, am so thankful to be living in a world, controled but whites,,am a uncle tom so am hard on my own race,,am just helping white people as much as i can….your such a sweet white diamond……..

  • boy says:

    Mistress You are so perfect, so beautiful, so superior.
    i would gladly toil all day in the blazing sun, picking cotton or tobacco then spend the evening waiting on You hand and foot.
    if i could occasionally shine your boots that would be more than reward enough.
    you are so much better than me, that when i watch your clips i cast my eyes down. i’m not good enough to look you in the eye, even on film.
    if you ran for office, on the return-of-slavery ticket, all my kind would vote for you (‘cept a couple o’ uppities). of course we shouldn’t have a vote anyhow.

    • mistress says:

      Boy; why yes I am perfect, beautiful and superior. Now as for you picking my cotton or tobacco I would say that would be a nice start, but you will have to earn the right to be one of my house slaves. Only house slaves get the honor of shining my boots or touching my feet. I have to say it’s good to know that you know your place and cast your eyes down. After all Niggers, Jews, Muslims and Pakies all have to learn their place and none of you are good enough to look directly into my hypnotic eyes. lol As for me running for office and wanting to have a bill past to bring back slavery, I myself thing that’s a wonderful idea.

      • boy says:

        Beg pardon mistress, fo’ seeming presumptious. i understand that shining your boots is a huge aspiration and one that don’t get given lightly. so i would work my black arse off in the fields mistress hoping that one day i might kneel in the dust and put a shine on boots you value much higher than me. and in the meantime, if all i ever am is a field nigger, that would make me happy too, knowing my sweat and toil would add to your wealth.

        • mistress says:

          Well now boy I would say that you have the right idea. You along with all lowly niggers were put on this earth just to serve the white race, more to the point to serve ME. So it should come as no surprise that the only thing I value is money, and you were put here to work, sweat and do without so I can have more of the green stuff I so adore.

  • boy says:

    Mistress, perfect mistress. i’s worried fo’ my past now. until i’s see you i was disrespectful to white folk. i’d raise my nigger eyes to dem. since discovering you i now know dat was wrong mistress. i scared for my afterlife now. i figure, in heaven you’ll still need niggers to serve you ‘milk and honey’. i also guess, you’ll choose which dark folk you will allow up to do so. please mistress, i promise i am now proper respectful to all my betters, not only you. although i have a new sin, i struggle not to touch myself when thinkin’ of you mistress. i wish you had a amazon wishlist mistress, so’s niggers like me could repent.

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