Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

Aryan Goddess accepting Jews for Holocaust Hypnosis. Yes that’s right you’ve read that correctly. I the Royal Queen of your dreams will take you to a place you’ve never been before. So step right in. listen to my seductive voice, look into my beautiful green eyes and get lost and let me take complete control of your mind and body. The Arch Angle is waiting in the gas chamber to take you away. So breath deeply, relax and give yourself over to your White Mistress, close your eyes and dream of your Queen. You don’t have to wait any longer to go join your people, you will soon be on your way and all you have to do is listen to my voice and turn yourself over to ME completely, body and soul.

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10 Responses to Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    when i look in your eyes my knees get weak, and i start to tremble….white people are just better then us, and we know it. blacks and jews cant compare to white to white people…i will always stay in my place and never question a white man or woman….i wish i could work for am sure that would be a hard and am sure soon as i make a mistake. you would smaked the shit out me, and pull out the whip out………once again i must say your a pure white goddess–and pure like a cup of water,,,you have changed my life forever

    • mistress says:

      Always happy to hear when another nigger knows his place in this world. And yes I bet you would love to be personal slave, down on your knees happy to do what ever I may command you to do. Many dream of serving a pure White Mistress, but all dream of serving this beautiful Aryan Goddess. Once you look into my green eyes there is no going back so just go with the flow. Who knows maybe one day I might notice you down there on the cold floor.

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    are you a republican

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    am so sorry…..that was stupid of me to ask…

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    that tuff put beautiful face and those big sexy green eyes..your picture has cause me to wank everyday,when i go to work, i be drained and wore out. and then have to go listen to white people all day at work, which i do understand that whites do bussiness better, am a uncle tom so i know that whites do every thing better ..and when i come home i say to myself am not going to stare at you today,,and before i know it, am staring in your eyes,,i have wank daily for 2 month, maybe 2 a day,,your beautiful face is a drug to me, and am addicted..

    • mistress says:

      Many have fallen victim to the lure of my beauty so I can’t say that I’m surprised you have no will of your own. Face it you’re now under my spell and there is no help out there for being addicted to Me. As for wanking off while looking at me I don’t recall giving you permission to do so Sucram.

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    sorry,,,so stupid of me,,,please forgive me..

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    you are so power full and you are a pure white queen, its amazing how your bueatiful face holds so much power and glamour. enough to change a person whole life…

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