Racial Humiliation and Toe Licking Niggers

I know all of you sad niggers want to lick between my Aryan toes. So I’ve decided to allow all of you coons to have the grand honor of licking between my lovely white feet. I’ve been walking outside in the rain and mud to get them nice and dirty just for you. Now be a good yardape and clean every bit of that mud from between my pure toes. Did I say you could play with your dick? No I did not. But if you do a good job I just might allow you to wank on your useless nigger cock till you cum.

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5 Responses to Racial Humiliation and Toe Licking Niggers

  • Ruckus the uncle tom says:


    • mistress says:

      Ruckus the uncle tome if your nasty coon jizz lands on my pure feet then you will be on your hands and knees licking it off.

      • boy says:

        please perfect mistress, i dares not even dream of such a thing. please tell me mistress, i’s took to hoppin’ on one foot for an hour each evenin’ in respect to tou please tell me mistress, is one hour enough, and please which foot should i use. i can’t no longer think fo’ myself mistress.

  • sucram the uncle tom says:

    i dream of kissing your feet..you are a pure white diamond,,in the usa all blacks know, that whites are better, but blacks have to much ego to admit…but i know am a pure uncle tom, i would help a white person before a black person,, since i moved to the south i had to learn the hard way, i got beat up in traffic road rage by a woman..me and a white lady got into a argument becuase she cut me off,,she was in a pick up truck with a confederate flag license plate, she was a very big lady, and i could smell liquor on her, and she hit me in the face 3 times put me in a head lock, i ran to my car afraid and left…i like to tell about all humliated stories i have had since i moved to the south..but now am i have full respect to white people and i know my place..southern whites are so tuff…and it would be a honor to lick your pure white toes, but i know i will never get close to a QUEEN LIKE YOU

  • blackafrican says:

    I feel honoured to write in this page.
    i am an african knowing how pure white are better than us
    we african didnt have the chance to be ruled by whites.
    thats why africa is still so poor

    u black americans should feel lucky. at least now you leave in the usa in big and rich countries
    its thanks to your white masters
    otherwise you would be starving with us in africa monkeys

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