Religious humiliation Prophet Muhammad

Since so many are upset over the film Innocence of Muslims I just had to look it up on youtube to see what all the fuss was about. Now I for one found the short film to be amusing. For once someone is portraying Muslims as the idiots they are. I found it interesting that it cast Muhammad as a 53 year old child molester, selling the children after he and his men were done with them and had a good laugh over them saying he was gay. So this means your Prophet Muhammad was a fudge packer. Was the film disrespectful of Muhammad and Muslims, why yes, I do believe it was. But then again last time I checked here in the good old USA we still have freedom of speech. This was a short film, it wasn’t a documentary, it wasn’t made to be taken seriously, but yet once again all of you Muslims are getting upset and blaming America. To me this shows just how stupid you really are. Only towel heads would be pissed off, and causing riots and blaming all people from the US. This was one person that made this film, so there for he should be the one all of you sand niggers should be pissed off at, not the whole country of America. Do you not think that here in the United States that many movies have been made making fun of God? And how do we Americans handle such films? If someone finds a movie offensive then they choose not to watch it, simple as. We don’t go around causing riots, and blaming a whole country for one persons view. So in closing I will say, grow up, stop acting like children, and move on. I mean after all you already have this whole ugly factor, big nose, kinky hair and really you’re just a lighter shade nigger. So do the world a favor, shut up and move on.

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One Response to Religious humiliation Prophet Muhammad

  • nigger jamal says:

    i can only type in caps wtf?? anyway, thank god for the white man’s code of law. it’s the only way to keep these crazy niggers under control…well that and pepper spray.

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