Racial Humiliation and Blackmail Idiots

I have come to the conclusion that many of you don’t understand what blackmail is. So I thought that I would clear things up for the cheap twits that don’t have a clue.

I have a Blackmail Contract for a reason. The reason for the contract and having to pay the fee is to prove you are really into this fetish or just some sad wanker looking for a free way to get off. When it comes to raping your wallet I take that very seriously and I don’t play nice. I’ve brought men to their knees begging for me to have pity, which I never do. I’m the one in control, I have all of your personal information and you know at any time if you don’t do as I say I will use it however I see fit. This is domination, it’s not play time. So if you don’t have the money to play then you had best go back to your job at Burger King. I’m the best there is and as any of you should know the finer things in life always comes with a high price tag. So if you want to be my bitch you had better have to cash to back it up, other wise don’t bother to contact me.

Now I do so hope were clear on how this game works. If you don’t pay your contract fee then don’t expect me to reply. I’m not known for wasting my time on useless morons.

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