Racial Humiliation and Martin Luther Nigger Day

So people are suppose to stop and say thank you to a nigger that stirred the shit, caused thousands to die, all in the name of giving all you porch monkeys rights? Thanks to giving niggas rights people live in fear in there own homes cause for some reason all of you coons think whites owe you something. To that I say; whites owe you nothing. Most of you are dead beats living on the government; killing and stealing so do tell just what do we the whites owe you? I say bring back the chain gangs that will make all you jiggaboos think twice about breaking the law, get paid under the table so you can keep getting welfare, oh yes I doubt any of you could bear to be torn away from you’re A/C and T.V to have to do any kind of hard work. Slavery is the best bet for all of you dirty niggers, and I for one enjoy watching you work hard just to please me and end up with nothing but living life in servitude.

JPG MLK I have a Dream 2 750x747 300x298 Racial Humiliation and Martin Luther Nigger Day

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