American Muslim

All American Muslim Controversy:

One Aryan Goddess view of the All American Muslim series and Lowes pulling their ads. First off; Lowes isn’t the only company to pull commercials from this time slot. They are from all appearance the main company catching shit for doing so. Last time I checked this was still America, which means land of the free, and yes freedom of speech. I myself could care less about the TV show All American Muslim. It can stay on the air of go off, wouldn’t bother me in the least. What does bother me is the fact that here in the US little by little freedom of speech is being taken away from Americans. I have no problems with Muslims living in the US, but if you are going to live here you best learn to adapt and blend in. We are the land of the free, but that does not mean come on over and change our ways or try to make our country like yours. Sorry but the people in the United States are happy with our way of life and don’t care to change. Since we are still in the US then Lowes or any other company has the right to pull ads if they so choose. The day that right is taken away will be a sad day for all that live in this country.

As for me I could care less if Sand Niggers are happy about how things work here in this country, all that matters to me is all you sad towel heads bowing at my feet and worshiping your Aryan Mistress. Your Mohammed is a joke so no need to worship him when you can bow to ME…

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