Financial Blackmail

Racial Humiliation Nigger Slave Blackmail Pictures

Well now seems nigslav hasn’t learned his lesson on how Racial Humiliation works. When you do not want pictures or attention drawn to oneself you do not seed the Queen an email much less a spam. Poor coon is still upset that he’s a broke ass nigger and not able to pay his picture removal fee. So far he’s sent me emails begging, emails where he is trying to sound like an attorney trying to scare me into removing his pics, and now a spam email thinking I would click on his sad link. As he should have learned by now I never give in, I never back down, and I will always post any and all emails he sends to me on my racial site for all to see and yes for my amusement. And since I’m such a mean Aryan Goddess I thought I would add the links to all of sad nigslavs pictures of shame. I mean really it’s not fair to everyone that comes to my site to have go through my post to find his bare yardape ass and sad nigger cock, now is it? So I will be nice and add the links in this post for all to enjoy.

Now nigslave lesson to learn here is; if you don’t want anything having to do with you posted on my website then use your brain and don’t attract my attention to your stupid sad hairy nigger ass. Class out for now…

lol I do so love being the Queen Of Phone Mean.

Nigslavs email:

niggerloserslave 300x168 Racial Humiliation Nigger Slave Blackmail Pictures





Racial Humiliation and Blackmail Idiots

I have come to the conclusion that many of you don’t understand what blackmail is. So I thought that I would clear things up for the cheap twits that don’t have a clue.

I have a Blackmail Contract for a reason. The reason for the contract and having to pay the fee is to prove you are really into this fetish or just some sad wanker looking for a free way to get off. When it comes to raping your wallet I take that very seriously and I don’t play nice. I’ve brought men to their knees begging for me to have pity, which I never do. I’m the one in control, I have all of your personal information and you know at any time if you don’t do as I say I will use it however I see fit. This is domination, it’s not play time. So if you don’t have the money to play then you had best go back to your job at Burger King. I’m the best there is and as any of you should know the finer things in life always comes with a high price tag. So if you want to be my bitch you had better have to cash to back it up, other wise don’t bother to contact me.

Now I do so hope were clear on how this game works. If you don’t pay your contract fee then don’t expect me to reply. I’m not known for wasting my time on useless morons.

Racial Humiliation and Cheap Ass Niggers

I find it amusing how so many of you sad niggers ask for Financial Blackmail, yet when it comes to playing the blackmail game you just don’t have the balls to do so. As you should be able to see from screen shots I so kindly posted to punish a few slaves that it always comes down you paying out the ass to serve Me. So don’t bother even contacting this White Mistress if you are not man enough to play by my rules and pay out the ass. I have no time for cheap ass coons that haven’t got a clue as to how Blackmail Domination works. I’m the best of the best and as we all know the finer things in life cost loads of money. So if you don’t have the cash or the balls to have your wallet raped then don’t even bother to contact me go find some cheap ass bitch that doesn’t have a clue about domination much less blackmail.

Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

This post is just for slave Francis a lesson in humiliation for not being able to follow orders. You see he longs to be in the Queens army, yet he can’t follow simple instructions. For this he now not only has to purchase the original Kidnap Fantasy button, but also a Tribute button for dragging his ass and not doing as he was told. Poor sad Francis you are finding out the hard way that serving in My army isn’t easy and punishment for disobeying are harsh. I would say you are getting very close to feeling the sting of my whip.

Kidnap Fantasy

btn ext buy now 136x34 Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

Slave Up Keep Fee

btn ext buy now 136x34 Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

Well now looks like sad Nigslav hasn’t learned yet how Blackmail works. He sent me an email begging me to remove his pictures from my blog. So I would say he is more then a bit confused about how Blackmail works. He never paid the removal fee on the last pics so until that fee with interest is paid those pictures will stay up on my website. I get loads of customers from those post with his sad nigger ass and cock showing for one and all to see. If you didn’t want people to see your hairy coon ass and tied up dick you shouldn’t have asked to play to rip off game. I get it; you played till you ran out of money, which by the way isn’t my problem. I do not care about some worthless yard ape sending me all of his cash and then finding he can’t pay his bills. All I care about is my pleasures, and the fun things I can do with all you losers money.

Oh and before I forget; I’ve made a fun MP3 of me reading his email and laughing my ass off, and other fun things.

Below is a screen shot of his email and the button to purchase the MP3.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed
nigslave 300x168 Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Well now it looks like slave James learned that when it comes to Blackmail this Mistress doesn’t mess around. He tried giving me some sad story about not having the money to please me, but we soon had that problem fixed and cash in my niteflirt account. Poor nigger James ended up paying $1,202.87 for not coughing up the money. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the blackmail/rip off game, then you had best be prepared to pay out the ass.

nfpayment White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

I do declare; you nigger slaves sure are some dumb bastards. And this Aryan Goddess enjoys how weak minded you coons are and how you jump to obey and please. Take for example sad jigaboo Dana. He knows he can’t live out my lovely charms, my evil laugh and cruel remarks. Perhaps I should just order him to have ATM tattooed on his dirty old far head. Oh well at least he does serve a purpose and that is spiting out money on command. After all I am from the superior race, and true White Mistress, that believes all you coons should be glad to pay my blackmail fee and in return get what ever I’m in the mood to give you, and oh yes listen to me laugh my ass off at your expense.

paypalmay 300x168 Nigger Slave Pays Aryan Goddess Blackmail Fee

Nigger Slave Dana Still Paying Blackmail Fee

Poor sad Nigger Dana just can’t stop giving his Aryan Goddess all of his money. I find it amusing that he’s having to pay his service fees to his Southern Mistress. He has no chose in the matter, after all he knows if he doesn’t pay me I do have other ways of getting the money he owes. Not to mention that each time he is so much as an hour late paying his service fee he knows the price will go up. So for now he’s being a good darkie and paying on time to his White Mistress.

MarchPayPal 300x138 Nigger Slave Dana Still Paying Blackmail Fee

Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Yes that’s right; as I said this Aryan Goddess loves the month of March and thanks to nigger slave Dana it’s looking greener each and every day. I do love having my loser coon work his ass off so his Southern Mistress can just take it easy and sit back an enjoy the wonderful cool breeze while listening to the birds sing in the trees. After all I am from the pure race so I’m not suppose to bother myself with anything like work or working up a sweat. No, that’s what all of you sad slaves are for. You work all day; do without, all the while giving your Aryan Goddess every last dime. And when your paycheck is gone no problem then you run up your credit cards. LoL One would say I see more of your money then you ever do. No sooner then payday arrives poor sad tar baby turns all his hard earned cash over to his White Mistress. Which reminds me; I think it’s time my yard ape starts putting over time at work. Y’all come back now ya hear.

marchpp 300x153 Nigger Slave still Paying Aryan Goddess

Racial Humiliation and Niggers Pay out the Ass:

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this White Mistress doesn’t play nice nor have any pity. So when some sad yard ape feels the need to see how much he can get away with, well he learns a hard lesson, or should I say a costly lesson. Poor David has once again become my atm nigger to pay for displeasing his Aryan Goddess.paypalfeb12 300x168 Racial Humiliation and Niggers Pay out the Ass:

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