Blackmail Slaves Dig Deep to Please Aryan Goddess

Yes I know I’m a bit late with posting this screenshot of Blackmail payments, but hey the Queen has been very busy enjoying cleaning out countless bank accounts and making slaves live in fear if they displease me. They know as any of you should know that when it comes to financial blackmail this Goddess doesn’t play nice. I will take every dime you have and if you displease me I will ruin you. I will use any and all personal information you’ve gave to me and you know it. Just think your wife/girlfriend, boss and friends would know all about your sick fantasies and you sad ass will be ruined. So word to the wise; always pay on time and always pay to impress. Or else live in fear of when I will drop the bomb and all you hold dear will be lost. Either way I will be having fun.

blackmaildomination 300x237 Blackmail Slaves Dig Deep to Please Aryan Goddess

Racial Humiliation and Blackmail Idiots

I have come to the conclusion that many of you don’t understand what blackmail is. So I thought that I would clear things up for the cheap twits that don’t have a clue.

I have a Blackmail Contract for a reason. The reason for the contract and having to pay the fee is to prove you are really into this fetish or just some sad wanker looking for a free way to get off. When it comes to raping your wallet I take that very seriously and I don’t play nice. I’ve brought men to their knees begging for me to have pity, which I never do. I’m the one in control, I have all of your personal information and you know at any time if you don’t do as I say I will use it however I see fit. This is domination, it’s not play time. So if you don’t have the money to play then you had best go back to your job at Burger King. I’m the best there is and as any of you should know the finer things in life always comes with a high price tag. So if you want to be my bitch you had better have to cash to back it up, other wise don’t bother to contact me.

Now I do so hope were clear on how this game works. If you don’t pay your contract fee then don’t expect me to reply. I’m not known for wasting my time on useless morons.

CB-3000 Chastity Training

It’s come to my attention that many you are in need of chastity training. So I say let the fun begin. I think we will start out with locking your useless cock up in a CB-3000. Yes, I think that’s a splendid idea. I’ve made an MP3 with your instructions. Your sad dick will be locked up for 3 weeks. During the 3 weeks I will inspect your cock cage every week and their had better not be any tampering with the lock. If I find any tampering you will be punished. Now as I said above the instructions are on the MP3 along with my teasing and tempting you just to cause your shaft to get excited and cause you frustration. So buy the chastity training MP3 and we can start your tease and denial training.

btn ext buy now 136x34 CB 3000 Chastity Training

Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

This post is just for slave Francis a lesson in humiliation for not being able to follow orders. You see he longs to be in the Queens army, yet he can’t follow simple instructions. For this he now not only has to purchase the original Kidnap Fantasy button, but also a Tribute button for dragging his ass and not doing as he was told. Poor sad Francis you are finding out the hard way that serving in My army isn’t easy and punishment for disobeying are harsh. I would say you are getting very close to feeling the sting of my whip.

Kidnap Fantasy

btn ext buy now 136x34 Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

Slave Up Keep Fee

btn ext buy now 136x34 Slave Francis Humiliation Lesson

Aryan Goddess Vents about the MS Delta and Emmett Till:

Yes that’s right; this Aryan Goddess is having a bit of rant over the statements made on some dipshits blog. Some of you may know the story about Emmett Till getting killed in 1955 because he whistled at a white woman. First of all this was as I stated 1955 in the Mississippi Delta, so any nigger should have known better then to flirt with a white woman so it should come as no shock that the good ole boys killed his ass. And yes still to this day where I come from in the Delta the good old boys will still take care of any yardapes that forget their place and hit on a white woman. It’s the way it should be and the way it always will be, so learn your place and stop bitching.

Now the reason I am having my rant is because as I said some twit made statements in his blog about the Mississippi Delta. This person didn’t do his research since he made the statement that in the MS Delta we have nothing but small towns, no big cities and major cites to be found, and in these small towns we are lucky if we have one gas station that doubles as a grocery store and one barber shop. Some how this twit over looked the state capitol Jackson, MS population 173,414, Vicksburg, MS pop 23,856 and Greenville, MS pop 34,400. Now in all the towns I named above we have shopping malls, grocery stores, beauty solons, colleges, schools, restaurants and much more. Never in all my years of living in MS did I ever live in a town that just had a gas station/grocery store and a barber shop. Yes there are still small towns, but every place has those. My point here is that we do have big cities, and more then enough places to shop at. So someone needs to get his facts right before talking out his ass.

Now to all of you coons, don’t worry I still believe in the old South, and that all niggers should bow down and worship the one pure race and in this case you’re Aryan Queen. I still think you’re all worthless, need to learn your place and I’m more then happy to help you out with leaning just how low on the food chain you really are.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Aryan Goddess Vents about the MS Delta and Emmett Till:

Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

Well now looks like sad Nigslav hasn’t learned yet how Blackmail works. He sent me an email begging me to remove his pictures from my blog. So I would say he is more then a bit confused about how Blackmail works. He never paid the removal fee on the last pics so until that fee with interest is paid those pictures will stay up on my website. I get loads of customers from those post with his sad nigger ass and cock showing for one and all to see. If you didn’t want people to see your hairy coon ass and tied up dick you shouldn’t have asked to play to rip off game. I get it; you played till you ran out of money, which by the way isn’t my problem. I do not care about some worthless yard ape sending me all of his cash and then finding he can’t pay his bills. All I care about is my pleasures, and the fun things I can do with all you losers money.

Oh and before I forget; I’ve made a fun MP3 of me reading his email and laughing my ass off, and other fun things.

Below is a screen shot of his email and the button to purchase the MP3.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed
nigslave 300x168 Racial Humiliation Nigslav Begging to have his Pictures Removed

Aryan Goddess Laughs About the KKK Took my Baby Away:

When it comes to Racial Humiliation any and all niggers should know by now this White Mistress finds hours of enjoyment about lowly coons. So when a friend of mine sent me the link to the Ramones (The KKK Took My Baby Away) you know I had a damn good laugh over that one. I can just picture it now; poor white guy lost his brown sugar sweet hart to the good old boys club the KKK. To the clan she’s just another bur head, nothing special and her only reason to be put on this earth is to serve. So I guess one could say she has now found her calling. Saying master and obeying every command. Pretty much how all you lazy ass coons have found you’re calling; serving your one pure Aryan Goddess. Works for me…

Racial Humiliation and Useless Niggers:

Alright so we all know that I’m the pure Aryan Goddess of your dreams, so I thought that I would put down some of my thoughts about how worthless Niggers are. Let’s see; well first off since you look like a damn ape you already have that against you. I mean really you’re just one step above walking around with your arms hanging down and hands dragging on the ground. So one could say if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape then damn that must surely be a yard ape. Oh and lets not forget your nappy heads, and big lips, and yes we know those big lips come in handy for smacking on that KFC chicken and sucking on those chicken bones. Your lazy, can’t seem to follow orders very well and all and all not really much use at all when you think about it. So I would have to say your only use in life is to serve, and we all know this White Mistress is the one you long for, dream and drool over day and night. You beg and beg to have a chance to serve one as beautiful as the Queen, but you know I can only make room on my plantation for just so many useless coons. So step up on the auction block lets see if you have anything that would be of any use to this Goddess. Even if you don’t make the grade all is not lost, I still get to have a good laugh at your sorry ass standing up their like a useless piece of meat hoping you get lucky for once in your worthless life and get to grovel at my feet.

Racial Humiliation and Niggers Pay to Learn:

That’s right; when it comes to Racial Humiliation this White Mistress doesn’t mess around. Poor sad yard ape David is learning it will always cost him dearly when he displeases his Aryan Goddess. This is only the start to his lessons on the plantation; believe me Nigger slave David will be working many long over time hours so he will be able to pay his one pure Mistress. Sound fair to me…

paypal1 514x275 Racial Humiliation and Niggers Pay to Learn:

Racial Humiliation and Niggers on Halloween:

What do you get when you mix Racial Humiliation, Niggers and Halloween? LoL A yard full of coons running around confused as usual, but to add to the fun they’re scared out of there wits by all the strange things they’re seeing around the grand plantation. I mean really we all know tar babies are lacking in brain cells, so when they see someone decked out in a Halloween outfit, like a Ghost, Dracula or a Mummy the stupid bur heads take off running in every direction to hide. Me I’ll just sit back and enjoy the show, have a good laugh and think of more wonderful ways to amuse myself at the sad yard apes expense. Oh well; I must get back to making sure the nigger slaves are at work getting the plantation ready for the Halloween Ball tomorrow night. But before I go I will leave all you sad coons with a special treat. Your beautiful Aryan Goddess has made an MP3 laughing and amusing myself while thinking about all of you lowly slaves. I’ve placed a special button for you twits to click to purchase the mp3.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Racial Humiliation and Niggers on Halloween:

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