Aryan Goddess Shares Dreams of Gassing Jews Genocide

As an Aryan Goddess I often have fun thoughts on Jews and the Holocaust. So it should come as no surprise that not only do I love the thought of gassing all of you disgusting Kikes but I have many hours of laughter thinking of the wicked things I would do to all of you ugly ass losers. You should know by now that I have one hell of a warped mind and I’m an evil White Mistress. So one of my Femdom friends and myself were talking in great detail about how we would gas all of you light skinned niggers. We would have a gas chamber built, top of the line, no skimping when it comes to gassing you fucks. And built into this lovely gas chamber would be a large window “leak proof of course” so we could watch with utter enjoyment while each and everyone of you Jews were gasping for air, eyes waters, falling to the ground and flopping around like a fish out of water till you draw your last gas filled breath. After ward we would sit around, have some wine and savor the beautiful images of all of you nasty Kikes dying a slow painful death, riding the world of Jews, bring much needed entertainment to all of the Aryan race, and just brightening our pure race and hell just making it the best damn day ever!

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White Mistress Loves Blackmail Slaves

As any of you losers should know by now when it comes to Blackmail I don’t mess around. You see once you’ve filled out my blackmail application I have everything I need to control you. If you don’t do as I say, if you displease me in any way with just one phone call I can ruin your life. I could call your dear wife, your boss and there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. Well I take that back, there is one thing you can do about it; pay out your ass and keep paying, and paying. This is the lesson my nigger and Jew slaves have learned the hard way. As you can see from the screen shot I’ve included at the bottom of this post they are off to a good start at making amends but they still have a ways to go. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the financial domination game with this Aryan Goddess you had best be ready to pay to keep me happy.

I will be making another post soon with pictures showing more financial blackmail pictures of how my lowly slave strive to please there Queen.

blackmailpicture 300x237 White Mistress Loves Blackmail Slaves

Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

As you all should know by now this Aryan Goddess has no patience for useless Jew slaves. For some reason you ugly ass kikes seem to be drawn to me like a moth to a flame. Now of course I understand how much you adore me and long to serve me, but for heavens sake would it kill you to at least try and use that tiny brain you were graced with? Case in point; I have a new slave named jewslave that can’t even figure out how to get a link to an MP3 to work. Just another stupid Jew looking to serve the Queen but yet doesn’t know how to follow orders. So since he’s proven how dumb he is I thought I would put up a couple of his pictures of shame for one and all to see. I must admit his pictures with a feather up his ass and cumslut written on his butt does amuse me and gives me so many wicked ideas of things to do to this worthless Jew dog.

photo 2 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

photo 1 199x300 Racial Humiliation and Worthless Jew Foot Licker

Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

Aryan Goddess accepting Jews for Holocaust Hypnosis. Yes that’s right you’ve read that correctly. I the Royal Queen of your dreams will take you to a place you’ve never been before. So step right in. listen to my seductive voice, look into my beautiful green eyes and get lost and let me take complete control of your mind and body. The Arch Angle is waiting in the gas chamber to take you away. So breath deeply, relax and give yourself over to your White Mistress, close your eyes and dream of your Queen. You don’t have to wait any longer to go join your people, you will soon be on your way and all you have to do is listen to my voice and turn yourself over to ME completely, body and soul.

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eyes 300x196 Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

Jews, Holocaust,Genocide Humiliation Abuse

As you all should know by now I love Racial Humiliation. I also enjoy abusing and humiliating dirty Jews. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve taken the time to make an MP3 about the Holocaust and gassing all of you sorry losers. I’ve heard that you think the Holocaust was the most horrible thing that could have happened to your race. I disagree; I think it was a wonderful idea and it just needs some tweaking to make it work perfectly this time around so none of you get away. So how about it, are you sorry ass Kikes ready to be gassed? I for one am eager to get this show on the road, and make the world a better place without your kind in it. One could say if Hitler were still alive I would be his second in command. LoL He would be so proud of me and think my ideas are wonderful. So step right in, take deep breaths, and go with the flow. Don’t be scared, after all Genocide is a wonderful thing, lol at least it’s wonderful for the Aryan race, and that’s all that counts.

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jewgenocidegas Jews, Holocaust,Genocide Humiliation Abuse

Jew Cum Denial While Licking Between Aryan Goddess Toes

So many of you lowly Jews beg to worship my Aryan feet that I decided to allow you to massage my feet, lick between my toes, suck my toes and all the while I tease and torment you by allowing you to stroke your useless cock then slap you for doing so. Poor dumb kike, did you really think that your White Mistress was going to let you have the pleasure so soon of cumming? You’ve been told to get your free hand off that sad dick so if I see you wanking on it again before I grant you permission to do so; I will give you a few lashes with my handy whip. That’s right; be a good Jew suck when told and climax when told. In the mean time I prefer to have you suffer with that hard on and laugh at how each time I say you can play with you cock, and you get that oh so good feeling, I order you to stop. Don’t worry, sooner or later I will feel pity for you and allow you to jack off, or maybe not…

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Jews Allowed to Worship Aryan Goddess Feet

Since so many of you sad Jews have been begging to worship my Aryan feet I decided to allow you the honor. I’ve made an MP3 just for you losers so you can bow down at my feet and feel how soft they are, massage them, and then when you are done with that I will let you suck my toes. Now how much more could you hope for? lol

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Aryan Goddess thoughts on Jews and the Holocaust

As you should know by now when it comes to Racial Humiliation I play hardball. I never go at anything half ass and I certainly won’t be careful of anyone’s feelings with anything I do or say. I cut to the bone and I imagine upset a few that take things to personal. To that I have to say; if you can’t take what I dish out then don’t come to play. That said; I’ve made a new MP3 for all of you sad ass Jews out there. This MP3 is about my views on the Holocaust and Jews. This will upset many and I don’t give a shit. I’m a White Mistress not a meek librarian. I’ve made a slideshow to go with this mp3 of pics of my beautiful white self. So if you feel that you are up to what I can dish out then by all means purchase the MP3. But if you’re a weak dipshit that can’t take anything hardcore then I would say this one will be a bit too much for you, but hey that’s up to you to find out.

racialjewholocaust 300x225 Aryan Goddess thoughts on Jews and the Holocaust

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