Aryan Goddess Laughs About the KKK Took my Baby Away:

When it comes to Racial Humiliation any and all niggers should know by now this White Mistress finds hours of enjoyment about lowly coons. So when a friend of mine sent me the link to the Ramones (The KKK Took My Baby Away) you know I had a damn good laugh over that one. I can just picture it now; poor white guy lost his brown sugar sweet hart to the good old boys club the KKK. To the clan she’s just another bur head, nothing special and her only reason to be put on this earth is to serve. So I guess one could say she has now found her calling. Saying master and obeying every command. Pretty much how all you lazy ass coons have found you’re calling; serving your one pure Aryan Goddess. Works for me…

Racial Humiliation and Useless Niggers:

Alright so we all know that I’m the pure Aryan Goddess of your dreams, so I thought that I would put down some of my thoughts about how worthless Niggers are. Let’s see; well first off since you look like a damn ape you already have that against you. I mean really you’re just one step above walking around with your arms hanging down and hands dragging on the ground. So one could say if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape then damn that must surely be a yard ape. Oh and lets not forget your nappy heads, and big lips, and yes we know those big lips come in handy for smacking on that KFC chicken and sucking on those chicken bones. Your lazy, can’t seem to follow orders very well and all and all not really much use at all when you think about it. So I would have to say your only use in life is to serve, and we all know this White Mistress is the one you long for, dream and drool over day and night. You beg and beg to have a chance to serve one as beautiful as the Queen, but you know I can only make room on my plantation for just so many useless coons. So step up on the auction block lets see if you have anything that would be of any use to this Goddess. Even if you don’t make the grade all is not lost, I still get to have a good laugh at your sorry ass standing up their like a useless piece of meat hoping you get lucky for once in your worthless life and get to grovel at my feet.

Racial Humiliation and Niggers that Love to Pay:

My, my how sweet it is when niggers hand over there hard earned money to their White Mistress. Slave Marty was taken with his Aryan Goddess that not only did he spend over an hour enjoying a cam show with his Queen, but the sad coon sent me a $400 tribute. And the lovely thing about this is; he knows and I know that he is hooked and will be back time and time again for more. Yes that’s right; for now on I own his black ass and any money he makes. Works for me…

giftcard400 514x446 Racial Humiliation and Niggers that Love to Pay:

Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

That’s right this Racial Humiliation Mistress laughed all the way to the bank thinking about all my niggers that paid there Queen every last dime they had. They are broke waiting for there pay check while I am sitting back enjoying spending there hard earned money. Just take a look at the screen shot of the money I made in one month off all of my sad coons, Jews and yes Pakies too. Oh yes life on the grand Plantation is wonderful for this Aryan Goddess, lol can’t say the same about the lowly slaves, but then who cares about there needs…

racial humiliationseptinvoice 514x274 Racial Humiliation and Laughing all the Way to the Bank:

Racial Humiliation and Summer Time for Coons

What could be more perfect then Racial Humiliation and Niggers in the Summer time? Well the answer to that is simple; WATERMELON! Yes that’s right; way down here in the South the coons on the plantation love three things; watermelon, RC Cola and a moonpie. I can honestly say that my yardapes will do anything there White Mistress commands just for the reward of those three tasty delights. All my tar babies know that they have to do extra chores to earn those wonderful treats, after all we all know that this White Goddess isn’t easy to please and I take great joy in making my niggers grovel at my lovely pale feet to earn the right to something people of pure Aryan blood can have any time, any where, without having to beg or serve. But hey who said the world is fair, someone has to be bottom of the food chain so why not all those nappy headed coons. Oh well another lovely day here on the Queens Plantation watching slaves sweat and work all to please there Aryan Goddess. Oh my I do so love the South…

Racial Humiliation Mexicans:

racial humiliationmexican Racial Humiliation Mexicans:

When it comes to racial humiliation one and all are fair game, and that includes Mexicans. I mean really we all know how good they are at working long hours in the heat so working on the Queens plantation should be a dream come true for any wet back lucky enough to get purchased by this Aryan Goddess. And hell unlike my niggers the Mexicans will feel right at home with getting nothing but beans everyday to eat. That’s right; my beaners will be eating beans. And since there are so many of them showing up down south I am sure I can get my wet back slaves for one hell of a bargain. Now that’s what I call cheap labor.

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