Racial Humiliation and Useless Niggers:

Alright so we all know that I’m the pure Aryan Goddess of your dreams, so I thought that I would put down some of my thoughts about how worthless Niggers are. Let’s see; well first off since you look like a damn ape you already have that against you. I mean really you’re just one step above walking around with your arms hanging down and hands dragging on the ground. So one could say if it looks like an ape, walks like an ape then damn that must surely be a yard ape. Oh and lets not forget your nappy heads, and big lips, and yes we know those big lips come in handy for smacking on that KFC chicken and sucking on those chicken bones. Your lazy, can’t seem to follow orders very well and all and all not really much use at all when you think about it. So I would have to say your only use in life is to serve, and we all know this White Mistress is the one you long for, dream and drool over day and night. You beg and beg to have a chance to serve one as beautiful as the Queen, but you know I can only make room on my plantation for just so many useless coons. So step up on the auction block lets see if you have anything that would be of any use to this Goddess. Even if you don’t make the grade all is not lost, I still get to have a good laugh at your sorry ass standing up their like a useless piece of meat hoping you get lucky for once in your worthless life and get to grovel at my feet.

Racial Humiliation and the Sad Nigger Slave

nigslave 514x385 Racial Humiliation and the Sad Nigger Slave

Well it would seem that Chris just doesn’t understand the rules of Racial Humiliation. He is the nigger slave, I am the White Mistress, I rule, and he obeys. He’s having a hard time right now excepting his new punishment. Poor tar baby thinks that he can beg his way out and plead to his Queen to remove his pictures of shame. As he is finding out, I have no sympathy and will keep amusing myself at his expense by keeping his pictures of his hairy balls and black cock up for one and all to see. Oh and he does seem to be upset about his face showing so the new picture I will be adding in this post that shows part of his face should quite upset the sad coon. Not to worry though Chris, I’ve had lots of nigger slaves contacting me asking if they could take your place on the plantation. It would seem the longer you wait to pay your punishment fine the lower you will rank on the plantation.

Racial Humiliation and the Nigger Slave Learning a Hard Lesson

blackdick 482x514 Racial Humiliation and the Nigger Slave Learning a Hard Lesson

nigslav 514x385 Racial Humiliation and the Nigger Slave Learning a Hard Lesson

Well now Nigslav is once again forgetting his place as a nigger slave. As his punishment his lovely White Mistress is going to add two pictures of his nappy headed black ass for all to see. Take a good close look at his black dick and hairy balls, and to his shame he had a hard cock from thinking of his lovely Queen and the wonderful things I do and can do to him and for him. So enjoy the pictures of his shame, I know I’m having a good laugh.

Oh and by the way nigslav, since you were once again insolent and it is clear you haven’t yet learned your lesson, the fee to remove these pics will be higher then the times before. So if you want your shame removed it is $350.00, and $75.00 for each day you don’t pay. Just to be clear that means since this went up on Sun tomorrow there will be an extra $75.00 for not paying it Sunday.

Racial Humiliation and Nigslave Chris

Alright we all know that this is a Racial Humiliation site, lol not hard to figure that one out now is it? But it would seem that nigslav Chris is having a problem dealing with his need to be a nigger servant. He has the nerve to post a comment about my site coming up high in Google and to please stop. Now tell me is that funny or is that funny? I myself had a hell of a laugh over that request, and still laugh every time I think about it. My site is up high in Google my dear nigglet, because I know what I’m doing and I am damn good at everything I do. Now as for your problem with my site and trying to give up this fetish; I’ve heard that a few times over the months from you but yet you keep coming back like a moth to a flame and yes searching always searching for more sites that cover Racial Humiliation. Let me enlighten you Chris, you keep coming back to my site because I have the best damn racial site out there and I am the best damn White Mistress and might I add a real Aryan Goddess, not some fake want a be playing a part. I am from the South, I am pure and beautiful and I am a habit you will find hard to break. Now I think it’s time you think about your options, and stop trying to convince yourself to be something your not. You are a yard ape, your purpose is to serve, and you were lucky enough to find the best of the best so do stop fighting your calling in this world and be a good nigger, bow down and worship your Aryan Queen.

Oh and by the way Chris, I still have the pics of your shameful arousal, I do hope you decide to be a good nigger….

Racial Humiliation and Christmas time

Picture77 Racial Humiliation and Christmas time

Racial Humiliation and Christmas time, what a wonderful combination. Down here on the grand plantation all my niggers are jumping to obey. Yessum Mistress we be good coons and live to please our beautiful Aryan Goddess. It’s really funny if you think about it; I sit back, enjoy fine food, get all the gifts any Queen could desire, and the poor nigglets get nothing but more work, cheap food, tattered clothes, and thread bare blankets. I’m warm and toasty and the poor nigger slaves are freezing there asses off, but yet know better then to complain. That’s right; better to freeze and not have a beating, then to get lashes on your back and still be cold. All isn’t lost though; I thought that I would give my yard apes something to look forward to, so for a lucky few I have given each a number all the way up to 24. Why 24? Well that is easy, 24 days till Christmas and each of my lucky niggers when there number is called will get the grand honor of washing my feet, massaging them, and maybe if I’m in the mood suck my toes. We will see, let the count down begin.

Racial Humiliation White Mistress Tells Nigger When to Cum

racial humiliation12 Racial Humiliation White Mistress Tells Nigger When to Cum

Well now as we all know when it comes to Racial Humiliation this White Mistress is the best there is. But as we all know there are always a few nigger slaves that just haven’t learned how things work yet. So your lovely Queen has made a clip explaining to you coons that not only do I own your body but I also own and control your black cocks. In other words you don’t touch, fondle or wank on you dick unless other wise instructed by your beautiful White Goddess. I alone will tell you when you can have fun time with Mr. Willy and when you may cum. I do so hope this isn’t too hard for you to follow, but if you prove to be a dumb nigger and get caught playing with your cock don’t say that this Aryan Queen didn’t warn you. Now be a good darkie and get your ass back to work.

Racial Humiliation Asians Are Meant to Serve

racial humiliation11 Racial Humiliation Asians Are Meant to Serve

Way down here on the Racial Humiliation Plantation the Queen has an opening for a slant eyed Asian in my kitchen. That’s right; I have the perfect job for a few lucky pancake heads working and slaving over a hot stove for there White Mistress. After all you’re short so won’t be that far of a reach to get to the stove top to cook your lovely Goddess what ever she desires. And when you’re done slaving over a hot stove all day you can crawl on all fours and bow before your Queen and ask how else may I serve one as beautiful and fair as you. Works for me…

Racial Humiliation and Nigger Spud

racial humiliation10 Racial Humiliation and Nigger Spud

Way down home on the plantation where Racial Humiliation is the in thing the Queen has decided to introduce Nigger Spud. Yes that’s right; I made a clip showing all my darkie slaves my new toy, a potato with nappy hair and watermelon rind for it’s lips, cause after all we all know how much you niggers love your watermelon, but sad to say they don’t sell RC and moonpies here where I live so will just have to go with watermelon. But don’t get your hopes up; you have to finish your work out in the flied and even then not sure if this White Mistress will feel you’re worthy enough to get some of that tasty watermelon.

Racial Humiliation Niggers Step Up on the Auction Block

racial humiliation8 Racial Humiliation Niggers Step Up on the Auction Block
There’s nothing like some good old Racial Humiliation to get the day going. And today this White Mistress is in the mood to purchase a few big strong nigger slaves to work on her plantation. So how about it, any of you coons out there up to stepping up onto the auction block and seeing if you have what it takes to be one of the lucky few to work your ass off for your lovely Queen? Be forewarned that this Mistress will check you from head to toe, when I say open your mouth so I can see if you have good teeth I expect you to open up, if I say drop your pants to see if you have the right size cock, you will be Johnny on the spot and eager to do what ever I ask of you. So step on up and see if you have what it takes to serve the best White Mistress you could ever dream of serving.

Racial Humiliation and My Nigger ATM

Well now as I am sure all of you can see by now, my nigger slave Chris paid his removal fee in full to have his shame removed. He tried to get the Queen to feel sorry for him by giving me a sad story, but as you can see I didn’t care what kind of a bind the fee put him in, all that mattered was he made like an atm and spit out the money due for his sins. I myself am looking forward to his next pay day, I may just start calling Chris my atm nigger, lol has a nice ring to it. Now get to work and make your White Mistress more of that green stuff she loves.

Here’s what kneegross (Chris) has to say:
This is to pay for the courtesy of having my pictures taken down including the 50$ late fee. Please forgive my ignorance and existence enjoy my hard earned money Im now in the hole but my cock feels it was worth it. TTYS when I get some more money I know where to come

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