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Aryan Queen Jews, Holocaust can you smell the smoke?

I came across a lovely song the other night about Jews and the Holocaust getting cremated. I’m sure you can just imagine how delighted this Aryan Goddess was to find a song about lowly Jews making that last long walk to the crematorium knowing that it was going to be your last day amongst the living. That is if you can call almost starved to death walking corpses still being considered living. Truth be told from the moment nasty Jews were rounded up for that long train ride to the death camps, more then half of you were already considered dead. You were beaten, made to work, starved, and when the thread bear hand me down cloths wore out, you were humiliated even more having to stand in the freezing cold with nothing to cover your lice covered skeleton bodies. So I can well imagine a good many of you were ready by that time to take that last ride on the conveyor belt and have the flames lick your flesh and release you from your long nightmare.

So as I am sure all of you know by now this White Mistress often finds amusement thinking about what happened to all of your ugly race. And since all of you sad slaves know how much I enjoy passing my time laughing at you just picture what a good time I had when I came across the words to that beautiful song about your race going up in smoke. LMAO!

Below are buttons you can purchase to listen to your Queen laugh and make light of your sad races pain.

Under the buttons you will also see the words to that beautiful song that brought me so much amusement.



I’m here in Buchenwald.
My number’s on my skin.
Old Ilsa Koch is here.
The prisoners walk the grounds.
The hounds have killed a girl.
The guards have shot a man.
Some more have starved to death.
Here comes the prisoner’s car.
They dump them in the pen.
They load them down the schute.
The trooper cracks their skulls.
He steals their teeth of gold.
He shoves them on the belt.
He swings that furnace door.
He slides their corpses in.
I see the chimney smoke.
I see their ashes hauled.
I see their bones in piles.
Lamp shades are made from skins.
I’m choking on the smoke.
The stink is killing me.
Old Ilsy Koch was jailed.
Old Ilsy Koch went free.
I’ve got to hush my song.
Here comes the super man.
I’ll see you later on.
I’ve got to duck and run.
Words by Woody Guthrie

Muslims Love Wiping Ass with Koran

Yes its true Muslims love using pages from there Koran to wipe there asses. I do wonder though; do sand niggers like to use one page or two pages when cleaning shit from there nasty asses? And yes I’m sitting here laughing at all of you sad towel heads getting off while using your joke of a Koran to clean the turds from your hairy butts. Now I know all of you big nose ugly fucks are having the time of your lives soling your so called bible but I have a surprise for all of you. For now on when you wipe your hairy asses I want you to picture your pedo Allah while slowly eating the shit covered pages saying yum, yum in the name of the Prophet Muhammad I will enjoy every shit covered bit of your useless Koran. Now, don’t you feel better? LMAO!




White Mistress Loves Blackmail Slaves

As any of you losers should know by now when it comes to Blackmail I don’t mess around. You see once you’ve filled out my blackmail application I have everything I need to control you. If you don’t do as I say, if you displease me in any way with just one phone call I can ruin your life. I could call your dear wife, your boss and there won’t be a damn thing you can do about it. Well I take that back, there is one thing you can do about it; pay out your ass and keep paying, and paying. This is the lesson my nigger and Jew slaves have learned the hard way. As you can see from the screen shot I’ve included at the bottom of this post they are off to a good start at making amends but they still have a ways to go. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the financial domination game with this Aryan Goddess you had best be ready to pay to keep me happy.

I will be making another post soon with pictures showing more financial blackmail pictures of how my lowly slave strive to please there Queen.

blackmailpicture 300x237 White Mistress Loves Blackmail Slaves

Racial Humiliation and the Joys of Christmas

I thought I would share my views and one of my favorite songs for the Holidays. A song called Band Aid Do they know its Christmas Time at All came out in the 80’s and I have to admit the first time I heard this song I laughed my ass off. Why you may ask would I laugh at a song made to help those in need? Well I would be most happy to explain just why I find this song so damn funny. There are two things in this song that always makes me laugh when ever I hear it. 1) There won’t be snow in Africa this Christmas time. LoL No shit is there ever snow at Christmas time in Africa. 2) And my all time favorite makes me laugh till tears are rolling down my face is; Well tonight thank God it’s them instead of you. Listen to the song, listen very carefully to how much feeling Bono puts in to that one line about just how damn grateful he is that it’s them instead of you are in this case him. So news flash all you niggers out there in Africa or any where else for that matter, no one gives a shit, but hey they did make a nice song to bring out that Holiday sprit.

I’ve made an MP3 about this topic and yes I am laughing my ass off and making fun of all of you sad ass coons. For me it’s just not Christmas time if I can’t have a good laugh at all you nappy headed niggers. And it’s always a given that come Christmas time all my yardapes are jumping to please there Aryan Goddess. And what do I give them in return you may ask; well silly that one is easy. During December here on the grand plantation we have the 12 days of abuse and all forms of Racial Humiliation and to die for punishments for all you sad jigaboos. Tis the season after all, so what could be better then me the Aryan Queen being lavished with gifts and making my slaves dreams come true with showing them what servitude really is. The only thing any of you slaves need to remember is Always Please your White Mistress. If I order you to worship my feet, massage them, lick between my toes then you shall do just that. If I’m in the mood to allow you to sniff my ass, you will be grateful. If I tease you to the point of orgasm then not allow you to cum, once again you will be grateful. If I make you work outside the Plantation only to have you give me all your money, you will do so and be damn happy I allowed you to work your ass off for you Queen.

I’ve also added the youtube video of this song (Clipped to just the right spot) so all of you can listen to just how grateful Bono is that it’s them instead of him.

Ho Ho Ho To all you nigger slaves and other losers! Oh and all you useless Jews need not worry I a wonderfully degrading MP3 just for you which I will post on my website soon. Oh yes the joys of the Holidays…

MP3 Click to Buy

btn ext buy now 136x34 Racial Humiliation and the Joys of Christmas



Youtube Funny Clip, Listen to Bono




Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

Aryan Goddess accepting Jews for Holocaust Hypnosis. Yes that’s right you’ve read that correctly. I the Royal Queen of your dreams will take you to a place you’ve never been before. So step right in. listen to my seductive voice, look into my beautiful green eyes and get lost and let me take complete control of your mind and body. The Arch Angle is waiting in the gas chamber to take you away. So breath deeply, relax and give yourself over to your White Mistress, close your eyes and dream of your Queen. You don’t have to wait any longer to go join your people, you will soon be on your way and all you have to do is listen to my voice and turn yourself over to ME completely, body and soul.

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eyes 300x196 Hypnosis Holocaust Gassing Jews

Jews, Holocaust,Genocide Humiliation Abuse

As you all should know by now I love Racial Humiliation. I also enjoy abusing and humiliating dirty Jews. So it should come as no surprise that I’ve taken the time to make an MP3 about the Holocaust and gassing all of you sorry losers. I’ve heard that you think the Holocaust was the most horrible thing that could have happened to your race. I disagree; I think it was a wonderful idea and it just needs some tweaking to make it work perfectly this time around so none of you get away. So how about it, are you sorry ass Kikes ready to be gassed? I for one am eager to get this show on the road, and make the world a better place without your kind in it. One could say if Hitler were still alive I would be his second in command. LoL He would be so proud of me and think my ideas are wonderful. So step right in, take deep breaths, and go with the flow. Don’t be scared, after all Genocide is a wonderful thing, lol at least it’s wonderful for the Aryan race, and that’s all that counts.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Jews, Holocaust,Genocide Humiliation Abuse

jewgenocidegas Jews, Holocaust,Genocide Humiliation Abuse

Free Racial Humiliation Promo

I know how much all of you sad losers love Racial Humiliation so I thought that I would put up a free promo video of myself just for all of you twits. It’s not often that I grace any of you lowly slaves with anything free but I thought I would give you a little taste of hearing my sexy Southern voice and yes getting to gaze upon my lovely face. So for this rare moment you get to watch a short Racial clip of your beautiful Aryan Goddess having fun at your expense.


Want to see more of your lovely White Mistress? Then click on either of the links below and purchase my Mp3′s and Clips.



Aryan Goddess Racial Humiliation with a Song

LoL I bet you never expected to have a song with Racial Humiliation now did you? Well as all of you should know by now I love to do things no one else has ever done. So why not throw in a jigaboo song here and there on the MP3 while having a good laugh at all you worthless coons. After all I know and you know that when it comes to yardapes their lazy as hell, have to be made to do anything, and sit around moaning about why bad things happen to them, why am I always so broke, why am I such a useless Loser. I will tell you why. Because you were born the wrong color, you’re a nigger, nothing but a lowly slave born to serve the one Pure Race, the Aryan race. So stop your bitching, get your ass out there and do the job I ordered you to do. I’m in charge and always will be in charge because I am the White Mistress you dream of serving. Now hop to it, get your sorry asses back to work!

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Aryan Goddess Views on Michael Jackson the want a be White Nigger

As all of you should know by now this Racial Humiliation Mistress doesn’t tip toe around, or should I say give a crap about what anyone may think about my views. I say what’s on my mind which is why all of you coons adore me. So since I love to amuse myself and just have a good time telling it like it is I thought I would share my thoughts on Michael Jackson here on my blog and also on an MP3. lol On the MP3 I have to admit I had a damn good time laughing at how Michael tried so hard to be white. He made himself look like a freak all in the name of I just got to be white. Now I can understand why he would dream of being white, after all we are the beautiful people and coons or the ugly ape people. So no shock that he wanted to be white, but even with all his money he could never be white. He was born a nigger and no amount of cosmetic surgery was going to change the fact that he was a yardape. It is any wonder that all of you darkies crave the one and only pure Aryan Goddess? You desire me, my creamy white skin, green eyes, and pure blood. I have class, style, something you can’t find in your sheape wives and girlfriends. It must be hard to get up everyday and look in the mirror and see that you’re still the color of shit, and your big lipped and huge ass female ape is also the color of shit. All is not lost though; even though you will never have sex with this White Mistress, you can still dream of all the nasty things you would like to do to me, call me and hear my lovely Southern voice, and kneel at my feet like a good tar baby.

Click the button below to purchase my MP3 and listen to all the fun things I have to say about the White Nigger and all of you burheads.

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jpg michael jackcon white nigger 1 750x747 2 300x298 Aryan Goddess Views on Michael Jackson the want a be White Nigger

Aryan Goddess thinks Niggers were born to be slaves:

That’s right; this White Mistress thinks niggers were born to serve the White race. The Civil War has come and gone. All you coons are still crying about what is owed to you, yet one important fact; you weren’t even born during the time of slavery. Now this might come as a big shock to all of you yardapes but you haven’t moved on, or evolved, you are still slaves and serving the one pure race. So sit back and enjoy the ride. Come on down to the grand plantation, your Aryan Goddess always has room for more lazy ass coons. I will put you to work, make you earn your keep, treat you crap, and make you bow down and praise me each and every day. Sounds fun to me, I can’t wait!

As for my views on niggers milking the system and me laughing my ass off at the wonderfully wicked things I say; you’ll have to purchase the MP3 to hear that.

btn ext buy now 136x34 Aryan Goddess thinks Niggers were born to be slaves:

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