white mistress

Niggers were meant to serve the Aryan Race:

As you all should know by now this Aryan Goddess thoughts on niggers. So it should come as no surprise that on this MP3 I hold nothing back saying it like it is when it comes to coons. I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, which is still consider to this day to be the heart of the Delta, home of the KKK and still not a great place for yardapes to live. Yes I know, isn’t it shocking that with all you twits out there still screaming for niggers rights and so many scared to say anything against the boons that there would still be a place in the United States that still hates niggers and isn’t afraid to say so. We still have the Klan, the good old boys and people not willing to give up there way of life to someone that has an IQ of a retard. Hell when I was 16 one of my friend’s mom was dating the Imperial Wizard of the Klan. An I have to say it was damn awesome to have the chance to meet him! So when I say I’m a racist, that I hate other inferior races it’s true, not just some twit pretending to be an Aryan Mistress, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’m the real thing and damn proud of it!


The worst thing to ever happen was the Civil Rights Movement. That should never have come to pass, and wouldn’t have if so many so called whites weren’t so busy kissing nigger ass and portraying there own race! Booncoons were meant to ride in the back of the bus, to eat at the back of a café, not have jobs meant for whites, not to live on the white side of town, but most of all, they should have never been allowed in our schools! I’m happy to say that my parents had money so they sent me to a private school so I didn’t have to endure your nasty asses in my classroom. You were born to be slaves, pure and simple. You were never meant to be anything but a slave. You have some type of nappy crap on top of your heads that reminds me of an SOS pad. Then let’s add to that those big old lips you smack with and that large flat nose. You’re nothing more then an ape. If we put you beside an ape you would be a dead ringer for each other. LMWAO! Face it, you never evolved. You still look like a baboon to this day, your direct ancestor. You’re still serving the white master by chose. You make it a family tradition to be on Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, and pump out babies to get checks which you don’t use on the kids, you use to get drunk, and what ever drugs you shit stains enjoy. You can’t make it on your own, you need the Aryan race to take care of you, so tell me, are you not still a worthless slave?


So since we have determined that the black race is useless, I’m going to tell you how things work when serving this White Mistress. If you are allowed to talk to me, know your place, understand my prime enjoyment is to degrade you, humiliate you, without one care as to your so called feelings. If you fail to please me on a call, if you don’t impress me, then guess what? You won’t get a second chance. You have to earn the privilege to talk to this Goddess, so let’s see if you’re up to the task. I doubt it…




Racial Humiliation and Stupid Niggers

So you’re a worthless stinking nigger who thinks this Racial Mistress time is for free. Now to clear things up so that maybe even a nasty ass yardape can understand; I am an Aryan Goddess, I enjoy being cruel, being a racist, humiliating losers, but most of all I enjoy taking all of your money that you’ve worked so hard to get. You see it’s your job as a loser slave to give this Goddess all that you have. Doesn’t matter to me if you have to live in a dump since giving me all your money would require you to give up nice things for yourself such as a nice home just to please Me the Aryan Queen. So if you contact me about blackmail or humiliation, do not dare to insult me with a request to talk to me for free. I’m not Welfare you stupid ass coons, and if you have to ask how much, then you need to move on to some fake cheap bitch. Now do crawl back under the pile of shit you crawled out from.

Aryan Goddess Shares Dreams of Gassing Jews Genocide

As an Aryan Goddess I often have fun thoughts on Jews and the Holocaust. So it should come as no surprise that not only do I love the thought of gassing all of you disgusting Kikes but I have many hours of laughter thinking of the wicked things I would do to all of you ugly ass losers. You should know by now that I have one hell of a warped mind and I’m an evil White Mistress. So one of my Femdom friends and myself were talking in great detail about how we would gas all of you light skinned niggers. We would have a gas chamber built, top of the line, no skimping when it comes to gassing you fucks. And built into this lovely gas chamber would be a large window “leak proof of course” so we could watch with utter enjoyment while each and everyone of you Jews were gasping for air, eyes waters, falling to the ground and flopping around like a fish out of water till you draw your last gas filled breath. After ward we would sit around, have some wine and savor the beautiful images of all of you nasty Kikes dying a slow painful death, riding the world of Jews, bring much needed entertainment to all of the Aryan race, and just brightening our pure race and hell just making it the best damn day ever!

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Blackmail Slaves Dig Deep to Please Aryan Goddess

Yes I know I’m a bit late with posting this screenshot of Blackmail payments, but hey the Queen has been very busy enjoying cleaning out countless bank accounts and making slaves live in fear if they displease me. They know as any of you should know that when it comes to financial blackmail this Goddess doesn’t play nice. I will take every dime you have and if you displease me I will ruin you. I will use any and all personal information you’ve gave to me and you know it. Just think your wife/girlfriend, boss and friends would know all about your sick fantasies and you sad ass will be ruined. So word to the wise; always pay on time and always pay to impress. Or else live in fear of when I will drop the bomb and all you hold dear will be lost. Either way I will be having fun.

blackmaildomination 300x237 Blackmail Slaves Dig Deep to Please Aryan Goddess

Aryan Goddess Amused with Typical Nigger Behavior

I’m never shocked when I hear the news talking about niggers getting into fights. Case in point; a Cincinnati school is in the news for an adult sheboon and her daughter ganging up on a 15 year old girl. The news states that Precious told her nigglet to hit the girl and helped her coon child beat the girl. Sheboon Precious is charged with felonious assault and aggravated criminal trespass. None of this comes as a surprise to me, I mean really isn’t acting like apes something you niggas do everyday? Why sure it is, you would be lost with out behaving like the monkeys you know you are. lol And can I just say that you coons sure do pick out the funniest names. Really Precious, lol I Can’t stop laughing over that one, then again people do name there animals Precious so I guess in this case the name fits. And while I’m stating my opinions; how about the nigger Grandmother crying about her poor sheboon daughter and grandchild got a bum rap. Yep we already knew that would happen, none of you yardapes ever do anything wrong. Yeah right…



Aryan Goddess Laughs about LAPD Going on a Coon Hunt

I find it funny that all you niggers want to make this out to be a racial thing. When in fact I think the LAPD has good reason to be stopping all heavily built black men. Who could blame then since all of you nappy headed bro’s look a like. This could be a bad situation for all of you yardapes. After all you don’t just have to worry about regular folks doing what ever it takes to be the one to catch Chris Dorner; you also have to worry about the trigger happy morons on the LAPD. Not a good sign with them shooting the truck of two Hispanic women, when the truck was a different color then the one they were looking for and the license plate didn’t match. Oh dear bad news for all of you big fat niggers, Mr. LAPD has gone gun happy having fun on a coon hunt.

White trash sluts love Big Nigger Dicks

When it comes to Racial Humiliation this Aryan Goddess is an expert at putting all of you worthless coons in your place, and I must say I damn well enjoy every second of treating you like crap. You also should know by now that I also always say what’s on my mind and touch on many different topics. And on that note I will now talk about white sluts. For those of us of the pure race having to endure useless black dick loving whores really puts us in a bad mood. Any pure white woman with class would never lower her self respect by fucking a yardape. Yet these white trash sluts think nothing of chasing after some big ass throbbing black cock. I would imagine that they have fucked so many big dicks that their pussy holes are let’s just say; a lose ride. Now since I know how my you jigaboos love to think about fucking a white woman I thought I would give you a special treat. Below this post you will see a video to click. In this vid is a white whore taking on two huge black dicks. If any of you would like to see this hardcore sex movie then I would suggest you get that credit card out and pay the fee. As all of you should know by now; all good things come at a price so pay up and have some wanking fun or just sit there wondering about the blonde slut sucking and fucking to monster nigger cocks.

Aryan Goddess Racial Humiliation with a Song

LoL I bet you never expected to have a song with Racial Humiliation now did you? Well as all of you should know by now I love to do things no one else has ever done. So why not throw in a jigaboo song here and there on the MP3 while having a good laugh at all you worthless coons. After all I know and you know that when it comes to yardapes their lazy as hell, have to be made to do anything, and sit around moaning about why bad things happen to them, why am I always so broke, why am I such a useless Loser. I will tell you why. Because you were born the wrong color, you’re a nigger, nothing but a lowly slave born to serve the one Pure Race, the Aryan race. So stop your bitching, get your ass out there and do the job I ordered you to do. I’m in charge and always will be in charge because I am the White Mistress you dream of serving. Now hop to it, get your sorry asses back to work!

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Aryan Goddess Views on Michael Jackson the want a be White Nigger

As all of you should know by now this Racial Humiliation Mistress doesn’t tip toe around, or should I say give a crap about what anyone may think about my views. I say what’s on my mind which is why all of you coons adore me. So since I love to amuse myself and just have a good time telling it like it is I thought I would share my thoughts on Michael Jackson here on my blog and also on an MP3. lol On the MP3 I have to admit I had a damn good time laughing at how Michael tried so hard to be white. He made himself look like a freak all in the name of I just got to be white. Now I can understand why he would dream of being white, after all we are the beautiful people and coons or the ugly ape people. So no shock that he wanted to be white, but even with all his money he could never be white. He was born a nigger and no amount of cosmetic surgery was going to change the fact that he was a yardape. It is any wonder that all of you darkies crave the one and only pure Aryan Goddess? You desire me, my creamy white skin, green eyes, and pure blood. I have class, style, something you can’t find in your sheape wives and girlfriends. It must be hard to get up everyday and look in the mirror and see that you’re still the color of shit, and your big lipped and huge ass female ape is also the color of shit. All is not lost though; even though you will never have sex with this White Mistress, you can still dream of all the nasty things you would like to do to me, call me and hear my lovely Southern voice, and kneel at my feet like a good tar baby.

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White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

Well now it looks like slave James learned that when it comes to Blackmail this Mistress doesn’t mess around. He tried giving me some sad story about not having the money to please me, but we soon had that problem fixed and cash in my niteflirt account. Poor nigger James ended up paying $1,202.87 for not coughing up the money. Lesson to be learned here is; if you want to play the blackmail/rip off game, then you had best be prepared to pay out the ass.

nfpayment White Mistress Loves Blackmail Humiliation

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